Imagination-- from Fantasy to Reality

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How could a mishmash of colors and intermixed lines blended together on a frame become a multi-million worth of artwork? Did we not do these as kids?


Doodling on our parents' important papers, drawing lines on our kitchen walls, drawing faces on our bedroom walls and dining tables, smudging colors on grandmother's sofa?

And when discovered, some of us then got that exasperating look while others received adorable praises, "Oh, what a brilliant little boy/girl you are! Photos were stored on snapshots.

Whether we call ourselves an adult, a teen, a kid - at any age, one thing is ALWAYS present and inherent in us..

It is something that is so POWERFUL beyond our knowing.
That when unlocked, it amazes the normal way of thinking and challenges the orthodox mind.

What is it then this so mighty, so massive, yet seems elusive?

Come to think of it. The sun rises in the east every morning, and everybody knows that!
But, not all drown in gratefulness for its radiant presence.
Because the profound is understood by a few while is dismissed or ignored by an ordinary mind.
Have you guessed it, yet?

IMAGINATION, yes it is!

Imagination -- It comes effortlessly to anyone. But only those who are alert of its presence catch the message.

Perhaps a message that could solve a nagging confusion about an issue in your relationship, your existing beliefs or about your work or business issues.

Not even the best schools can teach it. Not even your favorite coach, teacher, mentor can give you the exact formula for it. is instinctive - it's not forced, often not created by reason; it involuntarily comes to you when that heightened awareness touches your innermost passion.

The GOOD NEWS... ONLY YOU can have access to it!

Having ordinary eyes like me with not much knowledge on how artworks are appraised and priced, it blows me away to realize of their value.

But something is strikingly true about the painting.
It has sprung from one man's single idea - unintentionally, slowly and silently ripened in the mind.

Given the honed skill of artistry, spurred by delicate imagination and exquisitely provokes the untouched,
each artist has successfully visualized from his mind the intangible fantasy into impeccable piece of art that will be auctioned on September 8 at Leon Gallery in Makati.

Imagination.... WE all have it! YOU have it!

And now, would you please excuse me, let me now indulge myself into an uninterrupted imagination.



Glad to meet you And Upvoted you :) !
“He with the cleanest clothes isn’t necessarily the cleanest.” ====> Mokokoma Mokhonoana

That is abstract's purpose ..think and imagine..

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We have to think that the ugliest artworks could fetched millions of dollars!!!Why? Because there are speculative aspects in promoting the pieces by renowned middlemen as well as famous galleries who could make the Artist famous overnight and get big commissions from the sale.

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haha! the reality on the other side.

If I would pay a gallery to put up a show and they would invite their clients..surely it will make me famous..that's reality! The galleries dictate the prices

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