The future of sex

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Let's face it, much of the social cohesion depends on it. Without is you're going to see more riots and violence through the world.

So the question in every world leaders mind now should be: how do I prevent them from rioting?
The simple answer, well, is sex. As usual.

But how in hell are we going to have sex with strangers post covid-19?

Well that was anticipated. You had event 201 and crimson contagion on one side, but on the other and "dirty" side well, you know them already. I'm talking about glory holes and milking tables. The first one is vertical, the second horizontal. It's a hole in a wall or in a table. Nothing extraordinary. It prevents people from sharing too much breathing space and limits skin contact as well. It's not for everyone, and it's different from the old way. But hey, it's better than nothing, or in the case of a country leader, better than being overthrown by angry crowds or worse. Of course you could imagine something even more perverted and degenerate than that involving some apparatus reminiscent of medieval times, but I'll let your imagination do the work on that one.

With brothels and political parties facing a similar situation (assuming there ever was a difference), one can come to realize how the two have always worked together. The first and second oldest professions traditionally go hand in hand and that comes from way back, it would probably be a mistake to ignore that during this crisis. So how to limit rioting? Licence brothels with strict regulation, focused around what was just described, to limit the spread of Covid-19. It will probably be limiting the spread of other diseases as well (if done carefully and with gloves). I don't agree with everything politicians have done during this crisis, but if they do that, they will be doing what they can to stay where they are while relying less on law enforcement to counter public gatherings, which is what every politician wants. Power without worry.

Do you think glory holes are the answer to a post-Covid world?

Feel free to let me know in the comments, and to support my occasional brain activity through crypto donations from what you can't spend right now.


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