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I bought a book called "Tavistock Institute: social engineering the masses" by Estulin and stopped reading when he referred to an old EIR article mentioning Aquarians.

The amount of disinfo is staggering. It's quite simple really. All that brainwashing can't be originating only from Hollywood so it's only fair if the British get to bake a share of it. The US economy was doing great in the 50s, but how do you get even more? By increasing demand for goods and services. How to do that? By separating couples. You empower women so that they can pay their own rent, buy their own appliances, increase the value of real estate in the process therefore the amount of money that can be lent - and ultimately the amount of interest that can be charged. This is how vice and degeneracy benefit the economy: by keeping men and women separate from another. The artifices and psych warfare are simply there to bring a justification to social changes contradicting thousands of years of civilization. Doing so as fast as possible without causing an upheaval. The art is subtle, its implementation, less so.


The consequences of the breakdown of society ultimately threaten profiteers. As degeneracy increases, the taxbase shrinks, and more pressure lands on the decreasing population of productive people. This is why adult white men are suffering an epidemic of suicide today.

The response of the investor class is quantitative easing, or throwing ~$50 billion debt government is on the hook for into the market daily. They are kicking the can of impossibly oppressive taxes down the road to be born by producers someday while they profit now from the debt thrown at their assets.

Someday approaches. If the Georgia Guidestones are even a clue as to the intents and purposes of the investor class, they'll happily use someday happening as the time to turn us all into compost, for the environment.

I'm long decentralization, but time may be too short for that market to mature. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, and the Kung Flu is no less disruptive.


The tax base remains similar thanks to immigration my friend (well hello there).
The Kung Flu will be there to keep everyone indoors while they remodel the financial system to learn more about their slaves in the process. And of course make money selling aids meds. All swearing aside if that thing wasn't made in Israel then I'm the Prince of Persia.

Immigration tends to fill service and labor jobs, despite the H1B visas. This is not a direct replacement of the taxbase, even though it increases the numbers of workers.

Thanks m'lord!

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