Childhood story, East VS West edition

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My grandfather told me once that the most important thing in my life would be to take care of my wife. Never to let anything on top of her and her well-being. After that he revealed me a state secret that I slipped out in class. I was in first grade.

Some commotion later I was made aware that defeating the United States could potentially be achieved by a coordinated attack on the lives of every Western central banker at the same time. It would have to be done at the same time to prevent a timely monetary response, the lack of which would have theoretically seen the debasement of the US dollar if the timing was right, as in these days. I never asked to know this, but again, I was told that they met (at the time) at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel on Sunday afternoons, which would provide an interesting opportunity. Which I let out again. In 1st grade. I couldn't learn to keep quiet at the time.

That plan was falling out of favor because it would provoke a military reaction from the West and that would be the end of it. Another approach was favored. Achieve debasement of the US dollar through a series of economic measures over time. That has been the top objective of the East since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The use of economic means over time would not draw an immediate conventional response and that way the demise of the West would look more authentic, as in having received less help from the East and the Russians in particular. It would look natural just like when seasons pass.

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30 years later

Of course the US saw that coming. I'm no longer around the same people who were around me when I was 6 years old, or more precisely they're no longer around. Other people are there, doing the same thing, but no longer around me. Apparently they're into gold these days, so they'll be fighting over the price of gold. The US could bring gold down from its status as a reserve asset the same way the British did with silver. They already have the clearing price of Bitcoin (through CME & Bakkt) so they could move to that as their next reserve asset. I'm simply speculating here. But if Bitcoin was actually something made by the likes of Darpa as a way of establishing a post-gold economy while making every transaction auditable then I guess cryptos wouldn't receive the same kind of press coverage, or wait maybe they would. Bitcoin has a lot to do about freedom doesn't it? Aren't you a friend of freedom? Where did I hear that line before? Was is Iraqi freedom? Who knows?

If stocks are getting battered that leaves essentially gold and cryptos. Cryptos were hammered but could recover in one month and people would consider that normal. Bringing the $ value of gold down would be hard to do in one month but if my logic is sound, that should be the top goal of any strategy deployed by the US against the East. That's where it could be headed in time. Who will win? The East? The West? Did you believe it ended in 89? Let me know in the comments and be sure to like and share this article. If you want to support my writing feel free to toss a few eos-based tokens to the following address: lerar3stp3p3

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