Just Thinking aloud

in writing •  2 years ago 

Life they say is always ahead of you,
You look back and all you could see is a blurry shadow of yourself
You stop and stare at your shadow for a while,
A thought flashes through you tired mind,
What is it to life ? , you asked
you keep thinking about this question until you noticed a man sitting by the side of the road,
He was homeless,
But his face looks happy,
you thought for a while ,
what makes him happy ?
You couldn't help but ask,
he looked at you in his tartarred smelling garment
and he said two powerful words "I'm Alive",
A minute of silence comes through your busy mind,
You gave the man a vague smile,
Then you work passed him .
you couldn't help but think about what the man say,
You compare your situation with his,
That was when you realize how thoughtless you are ,
You realize life has always been good to you,
But you are too busy to notice

to be continued....

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