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February 14, a day many anticipated for with lots of plans some racking their brains on what to get for their loved ones or where to take them to while others where always on the receiving side planning on how to receive gifts from people.
I always wandered what the fuss was about, it was so annoying that i deliberately didnot go anywhere on valentine's day or maybe my real anger was because i was lonely..."who cares about valentine's day" i said to myself
A new year started and i found someone, we grew fond of each other and some how i found myself also anticipating for this day......strange!
February 14th came and we went on a romantic lunch date, later we went for comedy night and then we exchanged our gifts. It was so lovely i said to myself i was missing out. I narrated my former "hate" for valentine and he said, "valentine is a day set aside for us to show those we love we care although we do that everyday but you know dear....there is just something magical about val's day".

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