It’s my hair’s fault…

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Let me start today’s blog by stating this fact…


Well, I know how funny it is that I have to remind the world on my blog that I am a man. One could easily go through my blog and easily see how manly – minus the biceps and six packs, I am.

just yesterday

I was walking down my street at night sometime around 10:00pm GMT+1, the day’s activities were over for me and I longed for a bath and my king-sized bed. Walking down my dark street and only a few meters from my house three men came out of a building and one of them started to say

“Hey babe, excuse me, how far?”

As far as I was concerned, there were four men on that street, the three nameless men and myself, so it was convenient for me to think the man who spoke was making a phone call to his lady friend. It was only when the one of the men quickly hushed the first speaker and said,

“Guy, calm down, it’s a man” did it occur to me that he was actually addressing me.

Riddle me this, how in the world does a man attribute a silhouette of a person with long hair to a woman?


Somewhere in my mind I expected that maybe he’ll come up to me and embarrass himself, but the voice of reason got the better of him.

I only wonder what really would have happened if it were to be an actual lady?

I really think it’s strange that even after about 3 years people haven’t just come to terms with the fact that my long natural hair is here to stay. Now when I say long, try as much as possible to think of your typical female bollywood actress with hair that can cover the Atlantic, do you have that image right now? Good, my hair is nothing like it …
I’m an African man with short kinky hair, but I’ve trained mine to the point where I can really say it’s long… Now being as adventurous as I am, I always let my stylist do whatever she pleases on my hair, as long as I get to draw attention when walking on the road, them I’m cool with it.

What do you do?

I get to live this question every other day, especially when I meet someone for the very first time. They somehow get to think that my hair would either place me as an artiste or an artist – I’m not sure what both really mean, uhmmm they ask if I draw or if I sing – better explanation right?
These days I basically answer and tell them that it’s kinda complicated. Come to think of it, I do a whole lot of things that I think it’ll be unfair to pick sides when asked this very simple question.


Play a wide range of instruments
Am a masseuse
Am a shrink
Am a microbiologist
Am a business man
So please if you know an answer that satisfies it all, I’ll like to have it.

I just feel they should look beyond my hair and really look…

I’m still your favorite writer


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