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One thing that needs to be understood nicely. That Ghazwul Fikri (war of thought) is actually the claim of the function of public relations. Which is part of the public relations function is a factory of public deception.

The final product of Ghazwul Fikri (War of Thought) is the birth of Stigma and Euphemism. Stigma is embedding a negative sign. Euphemism is a refinement of a term to reverse a negative image into a positive one. Stigma for others. Euphemism for the parties themselves.

Like the stigma of 'Islamic Bomb', because of its nuclear test by Pakistan. But there is no such thing as 'Jewish Bomb' although Israel also tests its nuclear, and there is no term 'Communist Bomb' even though the PRC has also tested its nuclear.

Like the euphemism of 'Traumatized Imagery', so the Zionists who seize the land as if being full of heroism retaliated. Until we no longer remember their enmity with the prophet and their cheating in business.

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The main instrument of the Thought War was three; Media, Military and Campus. So the knot of the deceased Ustadz Rahmat Abdullah. One of them just touched da'wah, angry the enemy dakwah.

** Media as an instrument with a thought delivery function **

** Military as an instrument with a mind-suppressing function. **

** Campus as an instrument with the function of living mind. **

So that's the work of the war. Thoughts are mobbed through the Media, then the mind is plugged in by the Military, until the mind is preserved on campus.

All three may not be in sequence. But if the campus is touched by da'wah, then the most obliterated face and instantaneous thoughts that hostile da'wah lost nursery land. Likewise if the Military is touched da'wah, then the middle knot is released and instantaneous thoughts that hostile to the da'wah lose the farmer who sow.

As if the Media was touched by da'wah, then the final knot was released and instantaneous thoughts that hostile da'wah lost the wind that spread the seed.

There are wind and farmers but without land to seed the seeds of the mind. There are farmers and land but no wind to sow the seeds of the mind. There is land and wind but no farmers to match the seed of the mind. Approximately that's how gregetan bin gemesnya the enemy da'wah.

Therefore O my fellow Muslim brothers, let us take refuge in Allah SWT.

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