[PW#2] Kopi Khop, Teuku Umar and Meulaboh City

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Hi Steem Lovers, this my first post using www.steemcoinpan.com, thanks for @sonki999 for your recommendation.

Well, today I want to write unique story here, it's about coffee, history and one city in Aceh. Let's start it.

"Beungoh singoh geutanyoe jep kupi di keudee Meulaboh atawa ulon akan syahid’’ (translate : Tomorrow, we drink coffee in Meulaboh city or I will die martyr)

Yes, that's what Teuku Umar said, he is the National Hero from Aceh. This sentence sounds simple but full of meaning. How to connect drinking coffee, Meulaboh as a city and death as a goal. But let's look back at this sentence again and I try to describe it more here.

Kopi Terbalik (3).JPG

In Aceh culture, drinking coffee is a tradition that has existed for old generations, although there are many health studies to reduce caffeine, but for Acehnese people not drinking coffee is a difficult thing to do. Throw away for a moment about the effects of caffeine, let's dive into what the meaning behind Teuku Umar's sentence above is. For you who don't know who is Teuku Umar, for a brief understanding about him, please know him on Wikipedia.

Aceh and Coffee

Many people said Aceh is a "The City of a Thousand Coffee Shops", if you come to Aceh, you will find in every corner of the city, in the halls and even on the mountain there are coffee shops. Coffee is so embedded in the habits of Acehnese. Generally, only Aceh Tengah, Bener Meriah, Gayo Lues, Aceh Tenggara and a little plantation in Aceh Jaya have coffee plantations. But about drinking coffee, 99.99% of Acehnese drink coffee. This identity is not without reason because it is indeed a fertile land of Aceh and very suitable for growing coffee.

The latest, the development of coffee is getting better, coffee shops in Aceh appear very modern and elegant. However, some regions still retain their characteristics and one of them is Meulaboh. A district located in the western part of Aceh. Here is the famous coffee called by "Coffee Khop" (translate : Drinking coffee with a glass upside down). As you can see in this photo.

Kopi Terbalik (2).JPG

Meulaboh and Teuku Umar.

In the history of Aceh, Teuku Umar is a great hero and an icon of the city of Meulaboh. Meulaboh is the birthplace of Teuku Umar, and then this city now known as The City of Teuku Umar. This is reasonable because it is an interpretation of the might of Teuku Umar on the battlefield. He was greatly feared by the invaders, his war tactics were praised by the invaders, his simplicity, firmness, leadership, good husband and father were positive images that he was proud of from the past until now.

One of the characteristics of him is the hat he wears, although this hat is commonly worn by Acehnese at the time, but this hat is then very identical to him so it is known as "Kopiah Teuku Umar" or Teuku Umar Hat. In development culture, Acehnese men in various activities such as marriage, circumcision, cultural activities, always wear the hat as one of the symbols that he came from Aceh with the another Aceh's unique clothes.

Kopi Terbalik (5).JPG

"Khop Coffee" and Teuku Umar Hats.

In the sentence at the beginning it was mentioned that Teuku Umar invited his troops to drink coffee in Meulaboh, implied here that he was very eager to drink coffee in Meulaboh City. This message is unique, because the question arises why should it be in Meulaboh? Of course, there is something special there, because coffee was the same way to drink it at that time and it is still the secret of the Hero, Teuku Umar.

Considering him important role in defending Aceh, the Meulaboh community made the Hero's Hat proud as a hallmark in serving coffee. If you pay close attention, it is true that Teuku Umar's hat is like a large upturned glass that is inserted into the head. The historical award was merged into the culture of drinking coffee in Meulaboh with a glass that was flipped when served.

Kopi Terbalik (1).JPG

That is the history and the relationship between The Reverse Coffee (Kopi Khop), Meulaboh City and Teuku Umar Hats. What we should appreciate is that cultural preservation does not always have to be with promotion but keeping it alive in society is far more important. Reviving culture, the figure of a hero in coffee is much easier as a learning medium because it is simple and easily accepted.

For your additional information, take a look

  1. The Hat of Teuku Umar picture called by Kupiah Meukeutop


  1. The Mosque of Teuku Umar with his Hat as dome


Thank you for reading my writing, hopefully we can appreciate the cultures that exist in this world. How do you think about my writing and photography ? Please let me know your opinion, so we can discuss it or please correct it if you found something that I must be to correct it. Blessing


My Regards

The 1st picture until 5th taken original by me, using EOS 800D, Location : Meulaboh city, West Aceh, Indonesia

Note : I love writing and photography so this is my first post using [PW#2], It's means #Photography and #Writing, this only for my database and easy for me to remember it.

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