Promote Your Damn Self

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Yeah, promotion is just part of the job. If what you're providing is valuable, then promoting it is a service to the people that want to know about it.

Very true and very accurate! Resteemed and tweeted!

Thank you hehhe

You are right and it is almost impossible to do well if you are not willing to promote yourself, I take every effort to promote myself.

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So true :) I'll check out your stuff ;) I throw ypu an upvote for being so funny too

Wait I'm already following you duh XD lol!!! I love your stuff! I didn't look at the username

I know you are following me, I have seen that you upvote me and I am very appreciative, even stud-muffins have feelings.

LMAO! YOu are awesome hahahhahah

This is something that I personally find very difficult, but I agree that it is absolutely necessary.

It's hard to have the confidence to say, "What I have to share is important, dammit!"

If one doesn't believe in themselves, how can one expect others to believe in them?

Amen!! I took a leap of faith at the end of February 2016 and retired from appliance repair to further pursue my passion selling and collecting minerals and fossils. Since I took over my store full time, business has doubled. Now I wish I would have done it when I first started my store.

Wow nice!! I love that. I'm so glad it worked out for you! It can be a really hard call to make.

Thank you for your encouragement. I will be posting informational text on geology and mineralogy shortly. I have three in the works. Need to get some pics. I've also got a progressive Sci-fi story working (relating to today's issues). Creative juices, that I long ago have buried, have recently come to the surface and I have been encouraged to start posting some story ideas I've had.

This is so true. As someone who was raised to believe being anonymous on the web is a good idea (I've been on the "WWW" since 1993 ok) I always was reluctant to share more about myself and promote openly online. Steemit has helped me with this. My introduceyourself helped a lot (even if it hadn't gone on to be a top 50 introduceyourself, the act of writing it and putting it out there meant a lot). Unless you have a good reason to stay anonymous, I encourage you to be more open and don't be afraid to promote yourself.

Think its the idea of failure or someone you know saying they didn't like it, rejection holds a lot of people back, myself included

Agreed! IT does with me too. But sometimes you have to force yourself to do things anyways.

Very true. I must try harder :)

It is said 'if you don't say you can't sell'. Great post. Upvoted and resteemed

You are right,@kaylinart. No one will ever do as good of a job promoting your work as you will. It takes work, but so does everything worthwhile. ;)

It is really the hardest part of this work. Got to get in terms with it.

Hell yeah - gotta put in that promo work and watch your status escalate.

Hehehe exactly

So many people have a hard time promoting themselves but they will bust their hump to promote a friend. I think that's in large part because no one really wants to be perceived as aggressive, or pushy, or bothersome. It's a self-confidence thing. We're all marketers to some degree, so we may as well get out there and share what we have to offer.

Even if you pay them the best promotion people like me can get, ( I write fiction and do ghost blogging and freelance) is my own voice. Thanks for sharing this. It's great to see younger people catching onto this. Took me years to figure it out.

Truly amazing post :D

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Yes, great article @kaylinart!

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