Steemit Idea #1

in writing •  11 months ago

I'm not someone educated in programming or coding. I have never made my own website before. But what I do have and can contribute to Steemit is my ideas. One of those ideas is requesting the incorporation of drafts when writing posts. Speaking for the writers on Steemit, I think we could all benefit from having a draft section before publishing our posts. This can be beneficial for those who like to have multiple projects going on at once without having to delete anything. The nice thing about the post section is that if you click away from the post and go to another page on Steemit, your post will still be in the text box, however, you cannot have multiple posts saved at any given time.

So Steemit community, let's see if we can get a section to allow users to keep multiple posts in a draft section without being forced to publish them. I am not looking to be compensated for my ideas in any way but to have a draft section for me to use.

Leave a comment on what you think.

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Because of this very reason, I usually write all my posts in a text editor locally before copy and pasting them into Steemit. It works out pretty well, and then I can do version control on some of my work. Inserting images afterwards is a huge pain though. I'd love to see the Steemit editor get more features and allow for writers to customize their posts more.


This is exactly why we need to have an ability to hold drafts on Steemit. Additionally, I think we would all benefit from this capacity as well as the ability to time when to publish posts. I appreciate your point about images. It definitely is time consuming to post pictures within the posts. On to the next idea! @maxg