The Old Tree

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The Old Tree

In a dark forest there lived a being leftover from before,
Existing several scores of elapsing time,
Inching tiwrd a pale blue sky with living drive,

When my days have come and gone,
It will still be there through pounding rain,
Standing strong against the harsh wind,

If you were to sit and listen closely,
To the lengthy story of how we came to be,
It trulty knows when time began,

Though not entirely but its knowledge goes way back,
To when there wasn't many of us walking upon the earth,
It was stretching tall to the stars its trunk gaining girth,

I can tell you this tale because I was there for a listen,
A night I shall not forget it paused when dewdrops glistened,
With bows grasp it carried me throughout history,

I learned so much about what got us to where we are,
Sitting, gazing curiously at stars ageless questions abound,
Are we alone amongst all the planets of this galaxy?

It leaned forward to disagree with me,
Selfishly you think this globe is all there can be,
A stern lesson given by the old tree.

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In the veiny end.
Leafs falling slowly twisting.
Mind the dirt please Sir.

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