Little Greasy Spoon

in writing •  6 months ago


Little Greasy Spoon

Along a winding highway,
A whistlestop township exists,
Where everyone knows each others names,

Off the road to the side,
A classic diner does reside,
A tiny hole in the wall ran by Mom and Pop,

Homestyle cooking at its best,
Fresh coffee brewed piping hot,
The waitress jots down your desires,

The cook with a grin from ear to ear,
With uniform clean and pressed,
Made delicious entrés that satisfied,

The pictures of famous movie stars,
Antiques and bobbles galore,
Looking closely they have won awards,

On this trip I am glad we stopped,
The excellent food I won't forget,
Hoping one day we will return soon,

Back to this little greasy spoon.

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