Why You Need To Have New Content Proofread

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Proofreading is one of the most essential steps in blog creation. Yet so many people choose not to find another user willing to help out in this process. There may be times when there is an artistic reason to avoid proofreading. However, if you are looking to grow your blog and take it to new levels, then you must have your content proofread.

Improved English

Even those of us who are native English speakers have trouble writing. It's not a straightforward language to grasp due to how many rules there are. Maybe it's just me, but there is no way that I can write a blog post with perfect English off the bat. I rely on many friends of mine to read over my work. When they edit, they find several things here and there that need to be tweaked to make the post read more smoothly.

If you are not a native English speaker and you write your blog in English, then it can not be avoided. Proofreading will significantly improve the quality of your blog post with the need to add any extra content. Making our posts easy to read is imperative for our growth. I can't tell you how many times an otherwise excellent write-up was left out of my curation due to an overwhelming amount of bad English.

Less Typos

Typos are inevitable. You should see my Grammarly account before I go through and fix them all. Spelling has always been the bane of my writing endeavors and switching to the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard to ease my finger pain did not make my spelling any better. Typos are the hardest to catch when we proofread our own work. It's good to read what we typed after we finish, but getting a new set of eyes on the content is the best approach.


Easier To Read

Reading work that has not gone through the proofreading stage makes it incredibly hard to follow what is being said in the post. The level of difficulty ranges from person to person, but no matter how skilled the writer is, they shoot themselves in the foot when ignoring proofreading.

Think about it. Why would anyone spend the time to read a post that has typos and is difficult to follow? For many people reading takes willpower and when we make it hard on them, they are more likely to quit reading without upvoting or commenting. We need our finished product to allow our readers to enter a flow before they realize they've read the entire post.

More Professional

If your goal is to grow your blog to new levels, then there needs to be some degree of professionalism. Proofreading gives that edge to all who take the time to find a proofreader willing to help out. How many times do we see typos in magazines and newspapers? Not as often as we do on blogs and status updates.

It is the professionalism that makes a blogger stand out. Over time, the readers see a level of consistency. Add in a good proofreader on each post, and you set yourself up for long-term success. There is no way for someone to "go pro" with sloppy writing and a ton of typos. It's better to take the extra time for someone else to proofread your content so you can shine that level of professionalism.

Use The Creators' Guild!

Not everyone knows someone confident in proofreading. That is why we have a dedicated team of proofreaders in the Creators' Guild Discord group. It is easy to use and we encourage every member to do so! If you use the proofreading section before you create your post, we will feature it in the special share section!

Our proofreading team is step three in our blog creation section of our chat group. It is in this category that you will be able to get the help you need to create your next stellar post for the Steemit network. You do not need to use every step if you already have them down, but in order to share your post in step four, you will have to use the proofreading section.


Blog Creation Channel Details

Section 01 Topic

If you already have your niche(s) nailed down, but having a hard time figuring out if a topic fits, this is the place to ask. You may also use this for brainstorming new ideas if you struggle to think of something for your next scheduled day. Anything focused on the subject of your next post goes here.

Section 02 Writing

Here is where we can help you get the creative juices flowing if you get struck by the dreaded writers' block. Just pop in and add @blog coach to the message, so we know you need help.

Section 03 Proofreading

Proofreading is a crucial step in creating quality content on the Steemit platform. Without proofreading by another set of eyes, we miss many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Typos happen, that is why we created this channel. Send a message with @proofreader and one of our dedicated proofreaders will give it a look over. Step three is the bare minimum to share your post in step four.

Section 04 Share

The share section is where we share our finished work after using the steps above. As said previously, step three is the only required step to get the post featured on our Discord. We are striving to improve the quality of the Steemit blockchain and choose to abstain from a link-dumping section.

Sorry, No Link-Dump

Yes, you read that right. We opted to leave out a link-dump section, unlike many other groups. We chose this route for a few reasons. The main reason is that we want to help you grow as a creator. Having a link-dump allows for a mass amount of members, but little interaction. Second, it is not common practice for someone to wade through a link-dump looking for a post to read. It's a false sense of networking that has little-to-no payoff.

Not having a link-dump section allows us to spearhead our vision. By requiring users to utilize the proofreading section before dropping a link to their post, we can make sure the post reads the best it can.

To have your post proofread, please use draftin.com, Google Docs, or another web-based service that our proofreaders can make suggestions that you can see. We are not able to correct work in the Steemit editor or in an offline Word document.

Staff Always Needed

If you have experience as a proofreader or editor, and would like to help out, please join the Guild and send a direct message to jrswab#3134 to let me know. We need to make sure there is someone free at every time of day around the world. As we grow, the demand will only increase and become more intense.

Thanks For Reading!

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My sister is my blogs chief editor. Shes a great writer with a masters degree. I keep trying to get her to join steemit but she says shes to bizzy with work. Shes an exec for a huge tv network.


Wow! Sounds like a great person to proof your work :D


Lol yup. I think she will be real successful on steemit and I keep trying to get her to give it a shot. I finally convinced her to do it but she says shes just to bizzy right now.

Some good points here, however I blog for fun as much as other people's entertainment, so I don't mind if the odd typo slips through. I'd also not mind reading a piece on here with the odd typo, for me it's all about the content.
Having said that, I have a business blog too which is business focused so your points are all very valid for that, and I've used proof readers before for books I've published. I guess it's down to how well you type, your command of English and who your audience is.

Excellent points, Thanks.

Do you actually touch-type on Dvorak?




Yes, I do touch-type with Dvorak now. The switch was quite the experience!


I find that very intriguing.

How fast are you able to type? How long did your retraining take? Can you switch back and forth?

I think this would be excellent subject matter for a Steemit article... :D



How fast are you able to type?

I am sitting around 30-50WPM

How long did your retraining take?

I am still working to get back to my QWERTY speed of 64WPM but am comfortable for the most part.

Can you switch back and forth?

No. 😅 But than again I never set out to be able too. The rare times I need QWERTY I muscle through it or I just change the bindings via the OS.

I think this would be excellent subject matter for a Steemit article.

I should do a recap soon since I have not talked about it since I switched.


Very cool... Thanks for the answers.

I wondered particularly about the switching part, probably because people fluent in multiple languages can switch painlessly... But I suspect "muscle memory" to be somehow fundamentally different.

Another example of that: whenever I've tried to "switchfoot" while surfing, I've failed miserably. Yet I know there are those who can do so.


It is all about muscle memory. I learned where all the keys are located it about a week, but my fingers just did not want to do it. Even today, if there is a word I have yet to type on the Dvorak keyboard I have to slow down, or else I get a weird mix of QWERTY and Dvorak.


Wow... What a struggle!

I once learned to enter text as ASCII sequences on a HEX keyboard, and got pretty proficient at that... ;)

English speaking and learning is naccesry for us because the English is compalsarry in any office air schools


Awe that is good to know.

Keep it up. Really helpful.

Wow! I didn't know all this was organized and up and running! Will definitely go through the proofreading for my next post, thank you so much for sharing.


You are welcome, and we are happy to have you with us!


Woops commented on the wrong post!

I try to do my best, but admittedly some errors always flip through the crack. It is definitely a standard we need to uphold to continue to produce amazing content. Another great article my friend!


Feel free to use the guild, mate it is what we made it for.

Yeahhhhhh i need to do that but dang i barely got one out at 4 am...


Come to the Creators' Guild and have one of us look at it! (as long as we are all not asleep haha)


okay maybe next time.. for now i can probably edit it later...


Remember, it is good to have a fresh set of eyes on our work. They always see things we seem to miss.

The Mandela Effect has affected me! Some words are spelled differently now so..lol
But I agree people should reread and correct their posts. Language barriers do exist as well as lack of education so people should just do their best. Joy

While proofreading I have to curb my natural instinct to add the 'u' back into words. ;)
American English = British English :D


Haha yes, sometimes we will run into slight differences.

I'm a big fan of Grammarly. I have the full membership :)

Man, there's a whole other side of Steemit that I don't know anything about yet, namely, all the discord, chat, guild stuff. I logged onto some discord once or twice, but it was so confusing. Just seemed like a large room with a lot of people talking at the same time.


I too use Grammarly and am also paid for a year of their premium service. I love it, and it has helped me learn what I commonly mess up. However, I still get a human to read my work before I post.

Thanks so much @jrswab for this.. It really helped me alot and i have just joined the creators guide on discord becuase i would love to learn more.. Am not a blogger per say but steemit has made me learn alot about blogging.. Proofreading is indeed vital both in bloging and any kind of writting. Thanks alot for educating minnows and your support

Love your contents!

Grammarly is useful for proofreading too.

I am grateful for this post, it's helpful to me because the community aspect of steemit is really welcoming and available for people who want to create here, the other way this post helps is by normalizing accepting help, when you want to make steemit better for us all, all of us, each of us, all steemians... yeah... my grammer needs help.
I will get discord and commect!

If you are reading this and have some time, I welcome any feedback,

steemit.com/@tawasi / steemit.com/@tawasi

Thank you for this post ! I’m an beginner and I really have to know all this things:)

You need new tools. A platform like utopian or busy that enable the proofreaders to pe paid for their service.

I was amazed to see the trip boss
boss help me vote boss