Enjoying Spring Break, Part 5: Running Hangover Away

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The pillow was soaked with drool and her mouth felt dryer than a clean table. All of her moisture must have leaked out of her mouth while she was passed out. Her room was bright, and it must have been at least 10am. She needed water. Caroline struggled to sit up in her bed, and dropped back down to her wet pillow, quickly turning her head to a dry spot and clutching her temples.

"Ooooh. Ouch." She said.

Her head felt full, and a dull pressure bumped against her skull. She should have had water before going to sleep; at least she didn't puke after the Lyft dropped her off. Had Eli shared the ride with her? She couldn't remember if he'd been in the car with her. All she remembered was that it had stopped and she'd fought to hold down her stomach with effort, stealing herself against the car door before she stumbled for her parent's front door. Had Eli said goodbye, or caught her hand to give it a kiss before she left? She didn't think so.

"Why did I drink so much?" she said. "It hurts. Ugh."

Caroline stayed in bed a few more moments with her hands on her head, and accidentally fell into the drool side a few times before sighing and lumbering for the bathroom. Her mouth was so dry but she had to pee.

"Fuck. All my water went to my bladder. Gross." she said to her mirror image.

He mouth tasted awful; she could only imagine how pungent her breath must be. After flushing and washing her hands she sucked water from the faucet with her face in the sink. With two hands on the edges of the sink she looked at her face dripping water in the mirror. She wondered if that was what she looked like with cum dripping off her lips. Her hair wouldn't have been so grody and tussled, her face wouldn't ben so out of place and poorly made up. Although, maybe after fooling around it would be icky.

Breakfast was oatmeal and strawberries with cold brew coffee from the fridge. Mom and Dad always had the best foods ready to eat. The oatmeal had been one of those mini-bags where you just fill the bag with water and microwave it. It tasted better than regular plain old rolled oats you had to boil. The cold brew was good too.

With breakfast finished, and her interview later that day Caroline spent the rest of the morning scrolling through instagram and checking on her outfit for when she'd have to drive into the offices and turn her ragged form around into a vibrant lively overachiever. It wouldn't be that hard. She'd go for a run, shower, have a light lunch and dress. She'd have plenty of time to drive to the offices for her internship interview.

Caroline's run was uneventful, and she stopped only a few times to catch a couple pokemon. Each time she brought out the app she thought of Eli's huge dick filling her mouth. She had blown him twice in the parking lot in the last two days, and the community day Pokemon Go day had been the event that sparked their affair. She did not expect him to have such an enjoyable cock; he was pretty good at going down on her too.

After running and showering Caroline fidgeted with her outfit. She kept changing the pants and the shirts. She switched out her planned outfit five times after trying on her original choices. Eli had texted her a few times and she'd responded. He was sweet; offering encouragement for her interview. Caroline was on edge and a tickle plagued her typical confidence. She hoped that the shower would help calm her down.

She used the family upstairs bathroom, not the master bath in her parent's room, but the main on the kids did. Her siblings were at school, and she had the house to herself. She stripped her sweat pants and panties off. When she had them down to her ankles she had an idea and hopped on one foot because she was too impatient and almost fell over. She laughed with one hand on the bathtub ledge, ripped her top of and turned on the water. Caroline showered quickly, washing hair and conditioning quick. Once done she laid on her back, spread her legs, and scooted her butt under the tub faucet. She switched off the shower button, and heavy water slammed down on her clit.

"Oh fuck yeah." She said.

Water rammed down on her clit, and she quivered her crotch under the violent water. This wasn't the first time; more like the thousandth. Caroline couldn't remember when she starting masterbating under the water, but her orgasms were always excellent. It hammered down over her clit and tickled her hole like a careful finger flicking her inside. It was like the perfect warm constant kiss pounding her bean and she flexed her legs into the wall, humping up and down to amplify and vary the water best.

She found herself thinking of Eli's big cock pushing into her mouth, how the tip bulged when he got turned on, how its smooth base pushed against her tongue, how he swelled up when he came, and how his hot cum burst down her throat. She hoped it would enter her soon; hoped it would push into her wetness, slid up inside her and fill her with pleasure. She wanted his rough abdomen to grind against her clit and ride her to orgasm. Her hands shot out to the sides of the tub, and she pressed hard to keep her body against the base and the water flowing over her clit.

Caroline's orgasm burst out from her core like an exploding bucket of water tipped over surprising you how much liquid was inside. She shook her legs against the wall, spasmed her thighs, and pushed with all her arm strength to keep her crotch slammed by the waterfall.

When she dried off with tired legs it wasn't from exhaustion, but with a comfortable release and relaxed pressure. She would be calmer and more confident for her interview. Much of the anxiety and nervous energy she had during her prep subsided and she dressed and made herself up singing to music playing on her Echo, and later from her phone in the car. The interview was going to go great, and later tonight she was finally going to get Eli's cock inside her.


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Caroline is a reallly interesting character!

I'm glad you like her. The running after drinking to sweat out the hangover was a shoutout to you! Awesome! Thanks as always for your comments and support. I thought you might like her.

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