Writing #19: Walking the Walk

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Three hundred people downloaded my Quickie Book, Write 300 Words, when it was launched and on Amazon Kindle's free days. I like the symbolism of that - 300 people downloaded a book on writing 300 words a day.

I put my own advice into action and worked on my cozy shortie, Death by Pot Luck. My goal is to publish it Monday, April 30. So far so good.

I'm doing something different this time. I am publishing it through Draft2Digital so it will be available in more places than Amazon. I will set the price to $0.00 for the first three days although on Amazon, I can't set it to $0.00 right away. It will have to be set at 99 cents there.

I'm also formatting it in Jutoh rather than in word. Wish me luck.

After Death by Pot Luck, I will publish another Quickie Book and then another cozy. I've stripped away so many other writing distractions that I can now focus pretty much all my time and energy on this writing which I enjoy.

Being able to do it 300 words at a time has removed all the pressure and heartache.


I think this is so great that you were able to write a cozy in such a short time!! Love the cover and can't wait to read your book.

Well, I had started it last year but stalled so I ripped the old one apart and rewrote it. So that helped get me going. Of course, I fear slowing down before finishing it this weekend so I keep chanting, 300 words. 300 words.

Yay go Joanne - I will wait patiently because I would love to read it :)

Thanks. I can hardly wait to type The End and let it go. I know it will feel amazing. If I can just do it without coming up with yet another distraction. I'm really good at that. Distraction.


I like the symbolism of that - 300 people downloaded a book on writing 300 words a day.

Love that symbolism too. ;)

SOOO excited that you're reworking then finishing 'Death by Pot Luck' too... and in 300 word bites.

Just checked Amazon. Will await word that it's out. Cheering you on as you finish it up, Joanne. xxx

Hey Joanne, am missing you!!! xxx

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