Dream Ward 5

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Dream Ward 5

We think a tower evil
Is made of steel and stone
It couldn't be near invisible
Its walls so thin
Rise to amazing heights
To burn the forests of home
With flames across the prairie
An inferno in Paradise
Marxists stand for glory?
Or do they rule the night?
What do they that gives them rule
It's supply and demand
Chop the fingers of a warder
From the veteran's hand
Smoke rises from within the border
The timid run and flee
God is called a liar
All burns with wicked glee
The spirit world is darkness
Its thickness like a goo
Months passed days forgotten
A ringing in the ears
Will tower after tower rise
From the desert floor
While fighter jets and bombers swipe
While cultists plan the sleep
Of any freedom left in the world
To crush a bell's sweet ring
Cracked for reason
Destroy but by glut
You say you are so sane?
All powerful and omniscient
You know the path ahead?
You can see the future?
Mighty mouth stomp, stomp
You're dead
What soon would be your glory
Is each step now mired in dread
The dream world at your will
Fell like a tower made from smoke
Made from flames so high
Set by you with arson skill
Oh smoke that makes all cry
We're used to smoke
Enemy's steered plane
A course they thought was true
Stomp, stomp, stomp
With rod in hand
Farewell to evil fools
The dream ward maker
Plies his trade
Ne'er fore'er from henceforth
Will trash rise up to rule

Copyright 2019 jeff kubitz all rights reserved

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