Dream Ward 4

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Dream Ward 4

You don't know
You've forgotten
You've thought the battle o'er
At this day
In our time
What's in our way
The reach for heaven's sublime
Dream ward makers nearly lost
Like sands in the hourglass of time
As Z...and lone Naphtali
So near Galilee
What happens to our messiah
For our numbers: no alee
The fight goes on
Like it always has
Good rises with the morn
They didn't fight at night
Now they're almost gone
You are not our enemy
A thing that waits and sleeps
Since Spanish sailed shore seen
With horse with cannon with priest
That which was we always fought
Now Hides, quivers, and creeps
What once was open
What walked about
Was in the open
Which built and grew and ruled
Hid in the dark
And cast its spells
Waiting for the moment
When it could rise up
From the dungeons
From the sacrificial hall
And take the world of dreams
Upon spread darkness, chaos, pall
And all the despots know
To overlord the sheep
The mind must be
Captured, held as thrall
When one takes the land of dreams
One has conquered all

Cooyright 2019 jeff kubitz all rights reserved

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