Dream Ward 3

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Dream Ward 3

It is a long and ancient art
Born in the time of ago
When what the world was
Was forgotten remembered
In myth and lore
A battle started with a gift
Centuries past before
And caused the ward to soundly sleep
For health, happiness restore
Ages passed as sages know
While the world grew and moved on
Nimble fingers plucked materials
Of a knowledge of dream wards
The oldest art, not known to us
Do we know everything?
To make a hoop from a stick
And tie some knots in string
Make a web, bells and feather
Meshes with some string
To catch the nightmares
Sorcerers call from battles
Peacefully dream
The evil is caught inside the prayers
It cannot ever escape
And dawn's light rays of purity
Do darkness dissipate.
So while the border
Is watched by warriors
Ever faithful to
The oath of light
They once uttered
Unto death protect
Liberty held dear
To thrust a weapon
The tyrant fears
To wake each morning
Unchained ready renewed

Copyright 2019 jeff kubitz all rights reserved

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