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haha! howdy sir willymac! hey I remember seeing those cars over the years but I didn't know they were rare. I bet you had that thing for years huh.


Yep, Tex, I kept it for 27 years before I sold it to a cousin who had it super-detailed and gave it to her husband as a surprise. It now lives in Asheville, NC, still in perfect condition and with 20 more years of family history collected in its memory.

hahaha! oh my gosh willymac that's a great story..and Volvo's are super sell built cars aren't they? they are supposed to be superior in safety, well I don't know about the sports cars but the others. Do they still make some type of sportscar?

I think they discontinued the sports car a decade ago. Mine was very responsive and a dream to drive. At exactly 71 mph, it would settle down and get quiet and vibrations would stop and it felt more stable, like the wind resistance had stopped. It was like a jet after breaking the sound barrier...smooth and in its own world. To me, that feeling of transition was like driving a half million dollar car (not that I ever have).

sir willymac! oh that does sound like a dream come for an older car it was super well built and designed!

It was not "older" when I bought it, so I didn't know that things would get any better than that!

I know what you mean...but I'm glad I didn't wait 40 more years until something better came along. Besides, I'll betcha anything made today will not be of that quality unless it is hand-made

yes sir willymac I know what you mean, everything today is plastic and snapped together. You'd probably have to go to a Rolls Royce today to find a similar quality car!

I agree. The seams in the Volvo were all hand welded and sanded smooth and I could not find them visually or by touch. That was back when "unibody" had a real meaning.

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