VOICE OF DISRUPTION! Can't stand the Corona Virus BS anymore. Transmission from Paradise ANNOUNCEMENT

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I saw the shutdown of American continent coming when most were still thinking the criminals in power will not shut it down so quick. I knew the bitchez gonna do it on a weekend, as they always do, with zero notice. It dawned on me finally last Friday March the 13th at 8 am. By 9 am I was done with my morning meditation and I started the preparations to finish my life of 9 years in Canada in few hours.


What followed in next 48 hours was pretty intense. I thought I will never relive the run from my home country when I was 19 years old and escaping Czechoslovakia to enlist in French Foreign Legion , but this was really close.

I want to write a separate post about that though. It deserves it. How I failed to reach my destination 2 times...and ended up in a completely different place then what I planned.

Before leaving this was what I had to say:


Cheers to you Canada. I’m out. Enjoy the lock in and I’ll surely enjoy the lock out. I would chose jungle and mountains over 5G martial law any frikin day. And that day is today. I’ll miss ya all, even the deeply asleep ones who make this shameful terrorism against us (gvrmnts) possible. and if you have no clue what I’m raving about give it few days, then call me whatever you want. I TRULY DO LOVE YOU ALL and I apologize for my occasional choice of words that might trigger some of you. Forgive me please as I forgive you, whatever there’s to be forgive

P.S. I’m not running and I’m not scared. I’m just gonna build my dream sanctuary in Paradise and you all can come join me, whenever you can. I have a purpose in life, and I know exactly what it is. Do you? It’s pretty big, maybe even huge, same as the s*it I give about Humanity and this planet. Free humanity in this lifetime sisters and brothers! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻💜💜💜

Today I want to initiate my VOICE OF DISRUPTION, TRANSMISSION FROM PARADISE, aimed to express my own humble view and guidance in the pile of lies we have been subject to with the ongoing Covid virus propaganda.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have decided I cannot sit on the sidelines and witness how tragically we are being fooled by our "leaders" (criminals) anymore. Despite the criticism that I will get from some of you for this, beginning today, I am starting the VOICE OF DISRUPTION in the ocean of lies and planned collapse we are being subject to. Before I get into concrete posts here is something you all who read my posts should consider:

💜 1. I am not doing this to be right or for any other ego-gratification, I am also not doing this to prove the ones of you who still believe the fake TV reality show & evil propaganda of the criminals who rule our planet wrong. I am currently in Paradise and I could sit through this in silence and peace if I chose so. But such is not my mission in this lifetime. I am doing this because it is my duty in this incarnation. I was given a 3/5 line of Voice and Impact at birth for this very reason (Gene Keys), for this very event in our collective Human evolution as New Earth starts her birthing pains.

💜 2. Every human is my family and I do not shy from criticism, this is not about me, nevertheless if your current level of consciousness do not align with anything I am saying and all you will have to say is that I am crazy, please do us a favor and leave my transmission (and list of friends) in peace, as I let you go in peace and love too.

💜 3. this is not about pointing finger of anger or blame, even this tragic coup on our freedoms we have chosen unconsciously ourselves, but to unite us in the movement of resistance against in the frequency of love and knowing that we are cosmic beings with infinite power and anytime we collectively decide so, we can change the course OF ANYTHING WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT (quantum universe). This is the VERY reason why we are being fooled now: so that we do not realize our true power. This being said, please understand that the the TRUTH of what's really happening is not comfortable, it is outright ugly and damn heartbreaking. I will do my best to not only point out the dark agenda, but also offer solutions. But we cannot shy away from the dark anymore, it HAS TO BE EXPOSED. Be brave enough to face it!

💜 Lastly but most importantly: If the message that I will be transmitting resonates with you, please do not remain silent: comment and share. People who are only waking up now NEED TO SEE MORE OF YOU AND REALIZE WE ARE GROWING IN NUMBERS AND WE WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN HEART ANYTIME!

On personal note: I did not make it on time to escape North America, but I surrendered to the Divine Mother and realized that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am in heart chakra of this beautiful planet, our Beloved Gaia, and it is from here that I will be sending this transmission. BE WELL and switch off your TVs family. Virus in not a major threat, criminals in power are!

I hope you will enjoy the first episode brothers and sisters!

We are in this together to RESIST the robbing of our FREEDOMS!




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Nice post

Good message Jan. Good luck to you and to everyone else too. 🙂

Trust the plan! Everything will be revealed that cannot be hidden. We are all the biblical flood that will witness and spread the truth! All this Evil will be exposed, there will come a time when none of them will be able to walk to the streets. We will be free! We are witnessing the systemic destruction of the old guard. People will be waking up faster than ever. Nothing can stop from what is coming. “God always Wins” stay safe my friend! 🍻

Please keep us informed brother. We are with you all the way!

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