Ahe’ey - Royal Orphans (An Original Novel - Part 5)

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Royal Orphans

Thirty-four years ago - Ahe’ey

“You can do it Sky,” cheered Gabriel as the young girl climbed the highest tree in the forest. She planted her feet on the tree and leaned back as her hands pulled a rope that wrapped around the branchless trunk.

    “It’s too high! I’m going to fall,” she screeched, as one of her feet slipped, and her knee scraped the bark. “Ouch!”

    “Keep going. If you fall, I’ll catch you,” the twelve-year-old boy said with confidence.

    Sky secured both feet in the bark of the tree and yanked her body upwards.

    She loosed the rope just enough to move it up the tree trunk. Burned by the friction of the movement, her right hand let go of the rope and she fell backwards. Six-year-old Bastian screamed in panic.

    Gabriel reached his arms to catch Sky as she fell. They both hit the ground with the impact of her body.

    “I didn’t know you could fly,” he laughed.

    “I told you it was too high,” she said, annoyed. “My hand! It hurts.” She opened the palm of her hand, red and blue from the rope. He blew on it and kissed it.

    “It’s just a scratch. It’ll heal in a minute. In a few days, you’ll reach the top of the tree, and we’ll rappel down together,” he said reassuringly as he got up and reached under her arms to pull her to a standing position.

    “Will you see my mum from the top of the tree? When can we go home?” Whined Bastian.

    “Luna is within you, Bas. Can’t you feel her?” Gabriel placed his hand on the shoulder of his young cousin. A tiny veil of mournful water covered the blue eyes of the youngest boy.

    Sky lowered her head and bit her lip. Her eyebrows became heavy as Gabriel saw a cocktail of grief and rage emerge in her expression. “We are your family now Bas,” she said, “We will not let you down. They’ll pay for what they did. All of them. We’ll kill them all.”

    The young boy took a few steps back, unprepared to deal with Sky’s storm.

    “The forest is our home. Where else could we go skinny dipping in the middle of the day?” Gabriel smiled, touching Bastian’s cheek. The older boy undressed and ran toward the lake followed by his two cousins.

    “Why do we need to hide away from everyone else?” Bastian asked as he pulled up his tunic over his blonde hair.

    “Our blood is special, we need to keep it safe,” Gabriel explained.

    “But I wanna go hooome!

    “The Hu’urei are looking for us; they seek to destroy the royal bloodline. We must stay here, under the protection of the Ange’el.”

    “Is that why they killed my parents and took Sky’s mum and sister?”

    Gabriel nodded. “We will stick together and train a lot. We need to improve our skills in archery, martial arts, running, swimming, and sword fighting. One day we’ll join the Yi’ingo army and fight against the Hu’urei. Come, Bas. Join me.” Gabriel jumped into the water, attempting to wash away the worries of his young cousins. He showered Sky with cold water as she ran into the lake, chasing him.

    Gabriel’s lighthearted exterior hid the worries that festered his mind. The two children were now his responsibility. He had promised his parents that he would do anything and everything to keep them safe and happy.

    Away from the Sacred House, from his family, and from the comforts and privileges of the royal apparatus, the boy relied only on himself and on the few Ange’el that watched over them. The densest and most remote valley of the Ahe’ey forest was now their home—a haven from the devastating war that ravaged the land.

    Sky grabbed his neck and pushed him under water. Bastian jumped on top of his cousins, joining the fun.

A note from the author: Have you been enjoying my novel Ahe’ey? Today, I have a little surprise for you. I'm releasing the audio file for Ahe’ey part 1 - Sky Falling. Let me know if you enjoy the format. If you do, I will post more audio files over the coming weeks.

Sky Falling

"The Yi’ingo held her dagger in front of her baby, commanding the full attention of the men. The curls of her blood coloured hair covered her face and hid the panic in her chestnut eyes. She felt faint. She was weak, too weak to fight three men with a child in her arms."

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Photos: CC BY Timothy Norman and Alejandro Gutierrez

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NICE JOB with the layout @jamielefay!
I'm bookmarking this so I can watch your video in a bit. I'm the weird one that can't read it until I know how to pronounce Ahe-ey. Then I'll start with part 1. I hope you're a fast writer because good books are soooo hard to put down! :)

Hi @mere99! I hope you enjoy Ahe'ey. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Have a good day. J.

Is there a way to somehow ask you a private question? I don't want it to sound like I am criticizing. I am not. I am just trying to imagine this scene and make the ends meet. Otherwise it's hard for me to proceed. My question has to do with the the acceleration of a free fall at the place where they are located. Is it the same as we have it here on Earth? How tall was the tree she fell from? How much did she weigh? Also do their special royal blood has anything to do with the reptile origin?

Hi @mgaft1. I'm sorry, I won't be able to answer any questions that provide details upfront. No spoilers allowed, sorry. :) Jamie

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

That's a very clever answer. I once wrote a story where a drunk student threw a rotten egg in a passing by convertible and killed a driver. The egg was thrown with such a force that it went through the eyelid and penetrated the brain. The male populous of the writing group where I posted the story started remembering their college baseball achievements and doubted that the student could actually throw the ball with such a speed. We started arguing about the second law of Newton and fluid mechanics. As a result, this insignificant circumstance, tangential to point of the story, was blown out of proportion. Still falling from a 60 feet tree and have only a minor damage. The girl must have weighed 20 pounds and had some cat like hidden qualities. Will wait for a continuation. Cheers

All will be explained as things develop. On a side note: How do you know how high up Sky is?

This is something that I picture to myself while reading. The tallest trees in a forest are usually conifers because they grow well in a shadow of other trees. So it's not a rare for a conifer tree to be 60 feet high. Since you were mentioning the tallest tree in the forest I figured it was an old sequoia. They could actually grow as high as 250 feet.
Now, as to how high she climbed, I imagined she climbed to the top of the tree. If Sky climbed only ten feet high what was the point of climbing the tallest tree in the forest? She could have done it not going deep into the woods, right next to their backyard or a castle (wherever they lived.)

You can get an insight into the people of Ahe'ey in parts one and three. You may find some clues there. I would tell you more, but then I would have to... you know... ;) J.

I liked how you handled this...

“Luna is within you, Bas. Can’t you feel her?” Gabriel placed his hand on the shoulder of his young cousin. A tiny veil of mournful water covered the blue eyes of the youngest boy.

You didn't say 'Gabriel said as he placed his hand on the shoulder of his young cousin....' like you did in a couple of previous cases. It's actually clear that Gabriel was speaking. With this technique you achieve much more economy and it allows you to show more action that surrounds the dialog.