Wife left. I watched our videos; wrote a poem.

in writing •  3 years ago  (edited)

(Artwork used with permission from Archan Nair

video: part 1

the other me.
the only you.
upside out and inside down;
your wrecking-ball confidence (never earned)
and nonchalant prowl.

hair up. limbs unfurled.
i admire your lipstick;
that beauty-mark puncture
sealed without a stud.

knees dip past the monitor’s edge.
the other me breathes in.
(out here, i hold my breath.)

there’s love here,
woven through vulgarity
with every peach-pit peck,
lacing moans
and earnest stares,
filling voids of parted lips
as vowels roll from tongue to tip.

video: part 2

the other me.
the only you.
an inverted spider
commanding the frame.
eyes on him.
lust on me.

there are warnings here.
suspicious moans,
hungry fetishes,
distance between thighs;
silent screams
of telepathic names.

“is this okay?” asks the other me.
and your eyes roll side to side.


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A great first poem! Looking forward to a long and colorful steemit career :)

Should be a great place to purge the rest of my demons ; )

This is solid, beautiful writing. I love your style. Keep up the good work.

And the story that goes along with this had to be difficult to write and think about.

Thank you for the kind words!

Yeah... it was tough. It feels good to get it out there, though. Cathartic, maybe.

Time to move on!

Good art work and nice poem.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!


Very good work)

Thank you, karisa! This went well, so I'll try to post more soon : )