🌚 Memories ⏳ ("1998")

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Childhood is a time where I, you, we all do not know shame. The period in which we become small creatures, innocent who do not know much. Honesty is synonymous with children, with childhood.

Because that's what kids are, that's the little boy. The innocent little boy who says what it is. When small days are just filled with: sleep, wake up, breakfast, school, school, play, shower, then study at night.


I miss,, Missed a time where no privacy was known.
Longing for a time where there is no burden.
Longing for a time when not knowing prestige.
Longing for a period in which to play is a routine



Childhood? The period in which play is a routine. A time when there is no day without laughter. The period in which there is no such thing as sad prolonged. If you just cried for a while, some time afterwards returned cheerfully.

#KeepSmile :)

Best Regard @irdiansyah

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Beda x kok sayang sama sekarang ???


Yha sayank beda la... 😊
Bgus pas kecilnya ya..hehe