Relationship and Behavior

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Distance never break relationships and closeness never built them. It is our behavior, attitude and sincerity who make them or break them. People think that someone if live too close to them then only sincere with them, but I can't agree with this point as we experience many kind of people in life that even they live with us and spend time with us not giving a feeling of true relationship. Like someone who are only giving their 100 percent also have some expectations from you because he or she is also a human being who has heart and feelings. So sometimes attention and words are required.

In married life or in every relationship I think good words are essential to express the love, care and support. Otherwise the person on the other end become negative towards you as the fears and feelings start coming in their mind. Some gentle words are very important to make a strong relationship. So, if you want a strong relationship you should avoid careless and silent behavior who always want to just think about yourself and choices no matter what the other person with you think either a partner or a companion.


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I do agree with your point of view "Some gentle words are very important to make a strong relationship" Thanks for sharing your thoughts!