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Some people are very sensitive and get hurt easily by arrogant and rude behavior of any one who know them. They try to make every one happy but some times extra kindness and sweetness may harm us. I know it sounds so weird but it is the reality of today's world as every one is greedy and think about their benefits and some people run very fast in this race so that they even don't care about the emotions of those who really cares of them and support them just for kindness. Success is good and important but if it hurts other and make you wild then it becomes cancer which later on becomes chronic if it doesn't treated. I can end up my words by saying that:
People of early centuries were so innocent as they make relationship without any greed.
Then people became clever first they saw benefit then made relations.
But know people becomes practical if they have benefit then they make relation otherwise they break it.



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i like your post, many people is arrogant and sensitive, they are not care about others, but just a little. Good people more than arrogant people.

Thank for this article

kindness in words creates confidence. kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.

Hi @introvert-dime Yes, you are right, maybe many people are greedy, and many are selfish, regardless of others...
Greetings from me😄

I think the word practical and clever is nowadays used in terms of materialism. The current world is far more driven to material things and for that reason, there are insecurities that take away the purity away from our lives. We're living in technologically most advanced times yet there is destruction through wars, diseases that did not exist in the past and above all alienation that has created bridge even between family members. So, there is primarily something wrong with the current times and its definitions. This is true and we should learn the art of managing our expectations specially in the current world:

Some people are very sensitive and get hurt easily by arrogant and rude behavior of any one who know them.

Nice write up @introvert-dime.