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The other day was so much fun snorkeling with a good friend. My good mate who I have known for over 20 years recently had a kid, as expected he hasn't had the time to get out much, so was great to catch up for an adventure. The day was cloudy and overcast when he arrived at my place. We both agreed it might not be the best weather for snorkeling, although we headed to the beach anyway.

When we arrived at the beach, unexpectedly the sun began to shine and the clouds had faded. I knew from this point on it would be an incredible day. We unpacked the gear from my mates van; He called his van the 'tank'. Seemed like a logical and amusing name at the time. My mate began to suit up and realised that he had put on a bit of extra weight and struggled to fit into the wet-suit. I gave him a hand, battling to get the tight suit on. Mind you, his suit is already xxl. I considered this is what happens in dad life, the body shifts up a few sizes from drinking lots of beer. I called him 'The Keg', which was totally called for. Anyhow it was a tight squeeze but he got into the suit. We then marched down towards the beach.

Under the water was the most beautiful world, no one around, we felt totally isolated in the middle of an urban city. The surface of the ocean was infiltrated by piercing beams of daylight, such splendor. Each part of the underwater landscape had its own unique beauty, crisp white undulated sand or lush vegetation moving to the rhythm of the ocean current. I wondered what we can find down here. As we explored the underwater we saw countless diverse spaces, some were shallow with sharp edges and others that were deep with cave like qualities. The spatial quality was potent and there was plenty to discover.

Once we explored for some time, different fish species began to appear. We chased them, trying to get a closer look, although they moved swiftly beyond the vegetation and rain like debris. One small fish I tailed for a while had led us to a cluster of larger fish, suddenly they all scattered to escape. They had felt threatened by our sudden arrival. I contemplated following the larger fish, but felt it was best not to follow; they might lead us to an even bigger fish that might very well eat us.

After snorkeling for a good two hours, we both agreed to get out as a result of my friends feet cut by his flippers. I believe it may not be such a good idea to swim around the ocean with cut feet. The frame of mind after snorkelling was exceptionally positive, we were both in high spirits, almost like no other feeling two mates can have. I could hear it in his voice; we both reviewed our journey to the underwater world. It was a perfect day, spending time with a good mate in a world we had never been before. What a day!!!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the video. Personally I care very much about nature and hope people can see the beauty that surrounds us and to send a message of it's importance. Stay tuned for more videos, we will explore ‘Clovelly Beach’ next. I will aim to get some clearer footage next time, moving water seems to shake the camera


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Cool video, I enjoyed reading the story as well, most people just dump a video but I like something to read. Not a good idea to swim around with cut feet!


Thanks for spending the time to read my post and glad you enjoyed it :)

Your videos are amazing! Funny how our latest posts match somehow, although yours looks like a lot more fun!


Thanks for checking out my video. Your right, it is funny how our latest posts are related to the underwater scenery. I must say your works must be very fulfilling to accomplish such impressive works of art :)

Ehh it's only a problem if it's bleeding and there's hungry sharks XD

Look like you had some fun :D The water looked a bit murky, was it being stirred up a lot? Glad it fined up enough to go snorkelling in the end!



Ahaha there has been a juvenile great white in the area last year, wouldn't want to find out if it is still lurking about ;)

Yes, we were close to the rocks where the waves would crash. The current and back wash created alot of moving water, stiring up the sand and vegetation.