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Determination has different definition by different living being. However, determination is very important for every living being to make a success. This is not limited to a single individual, but group of persons as well as organizations, states and nations. Determination is very important and pushes a positive result .however the English British dictionary gave many definitions of what this very word is. It is defined as the quality of mind reaches definite conclusion , also direction or tendency to a certain end; impulsion.
Determination cannot be over emphasized .I remembered those days we use it as song, singing "determination is our motor".steemians all I am trying to bring into our limelight is that determination should be the bedrock for developing countries. Most developing countries refuse to move forward because they citizens are either half determined or not determined at all.
I once listened and watched a video that touched and pierced my heart, I must say is an encouraging one at such. This video made me know that most people and countries are making it today because they are determined. Persons like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, Steve job, Serge Brin,and Steve Wozniak were determined and they made whole lots of money. The question is what can we do for humanity?, and the answer is we need to put every of our efforts with determination. Yeah this comes to my mind, in our African mentality, most people so much believed they don't have all it takes to make a better living. Therefore they have this primitive thinking; there is no way to make it to the top without being determined. Heaven they say helps those who wants to help themselves is fine and okay and therefore we should not expect to make success depending on miracles alone .many continue to look for help in ages past to send manner, but it doesn't work like that, but to work is to pray with full determination of getting there. But sorry this is the mentality of most developing countries and they continue to blame government which I know is also a major contributor. Think of what to do today and help develop your nation as you develop yourself. All I am saying is it pays to be determined and also back our determination with God to baptize us with new ideas and connect us with right individual, organizations ,group to help us actualise our dreams and we shall see him doing it for us. IMG_20180307_090517_282.jpg

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Yes, determination is required to succeed in all of life's ambitions! Just trying won't help. You must DO!

Remember to give thanks for what you have, but strive to achieve greater heights. Determination WILL get you there.


Thanks dear ,👍