My story of saving the owl is a hoot.

in #writing5 years ago

It was a cold crisp day around the end of winter, i was having a bad start to my morning, thanks to the lady at TimHorton's
Who mashed my bagel to a pulp "literally this is how I received it"

So now I'm off to work with my garlic flavoured cinnamon smashed bagel
And a coffee that taste like water, to a job that I wasn't so keen on doing.
Because it was on the reservation, and sometimes that's not the best place for a white man.

So I get to the job site and get all my tools out of the truck,and get ready to start the day.
We get in to the house an we notice bird shit everywhere.
And I said to my buddy Dan who I work with "that's no normal bird shit"

Not thinking anything of it,we unpack our tools and finish our crappy coffees. once in awhile hearing some rustling up In The rafters of the house.
Thinking it's probably just some pigeons,because we always get some
Unwanted pigeons as if we are in their house.

So dan get's up on stilts to start on the vapour barrier ceilings. And when I pull out my hammer Tacker to staple a garbage bag to the wall, and tack it to the stud, out swoops this grate big white bird down from the rafters and buzzes past dans head.
Nearly knocking Dan Over off his stilt, now it's coming towards me I scream in excitement "it's an owl" .
He dodges me and try's to find a way out.

He thinks he's got it this time, assuming he's been in there all night, I'm sure this isn't his first attempt to get back home to his family.
He's heading strait towards the smallest exit in the house, it so happens to be a window that's closed.
BAM. Off the window he tumbles, being the animal lover that I am I don't even think about the shear power of the of this birds beak. I dash to pick up the bird, by then Dan is off his stilts.

I tell him open the door, and I pick up the owl. At that time two of my friends that do happen to be natives walk in and are like " what the fuck. your crazy white man, that thing can bite one of your fingers off"

So my first reaction was to tell Dan to snap a picture. But of course my cell phone was in my pocket. So I had to resort to dans cell phone for the picture. It's like five generations old and didn't even think it was going to take a good enough picture. I'm right it sucks the phones good for nothing. No I bark at Dan to go into my pocket , being the homophobe Dan it in his older age,
he argues with me how he ain't doing that because it's "gay "
So now I'm holding this bird that shockingly is very light for a bird of that size and tell him if he don't get the phone I'll sick the bird on him, as it didn't seem to like him the first moment he came near me holding him.
I scream at Dan to " take the fucking picture". But he's hesitant because the owl decides to take a snap at him every time he gets close with his phone, Nearly getting him in the hand.

So now I walk out side in the middle of the reservation where there's a crowed of people at the end of the cul-de-sac, they are staring at me like I'm some freak with leprosy as I release the owl out of my hand.
With the whooshing of his wings every one was in awe.

The Neighbours next door joked around and call me spirt bear for the rest of the day. It turned out to be a cool story and a good memory I'm glad to share with you all.

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