Glad we are here again.

in #writing2 years ago

Just when you think you are done, you find yourself returning back to where it all started.

Over a year ago, I thought I had lost out on love and didn't have a will to live. I gave up because it was the best thing to do.
Everyone told me it was okay but I knew it wasn't and had to keep searching.

Searching is an ugly experience you know. You have to kiss the frogs and the bees in your bid to find the one that is yours.

I kissed many and ended up finding you at the most unbelievable time.
It was a taboo and the world frowned on it. I made the most enemies because I dated to defile the odds.

I am glad it is you I found and that you chose to stay with me. I will keep holding on to you because it makes good sense to be with you.

Happy New Year everyone.

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