the eternal optimist

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the eternal optimist

the human nature is very complex, and yet, delightful.
everybody's so different and unique in their own ways,
and that's what i love about them - authenticity.
it's only when you're being yourself, that you're being fair to life.
sure, we've had setbacks and failures,
but these are lessons that will teach us, guide us, and make us into a stronger person.
a person with depth and wisdom.

you can call me an idealist, but in my opinion,
that's the only appropriate human psyche.
we need to have faith. we need to believe in something.
that's why religion exists in the first place.
it's a place you go to when you're lost in life.
why do you believe in God?
do you really know that He exists?
is He tangible?

He's an idea that we believe in.
we believe that He exists because we believe in this idea.
there's no scientific research proving His existence.
we simply believe.
and don't you think that this philosophy applies to being an idealist too?
i believe that our world is a great and awesome place to live in.
i believe that people are good when acts of compassion and kindness prevail.
i believe that we can do whatever we want as long as they're beneficial to us and others.
i believe that there's harmony, beauty and love everywhere we look.
i believe that the heart of life is good.

those wars, indecency, frauds, lies and deception -
they happen because we are all still learning.
we're learning to achieve this ultimate state of being absolutely content with ourselves and the world.
many people call this heaven.
let's start by believing that this world is a good place,
no matter how much "reality" you've seen.
if we do not break this vicious cycle of "just accepting what life is",
we will never find happiness.
the human psyche is of vital importance.
educate the mind, fill your heart with love, purify the soul,
it's a beautiful day. now go out, spread your infectious love,
work hard to achieve those dreams of yours,
and share the reaped rewards with others.

i think this contagious idea will touch everyone's soul,
and before we know it, this world will be a more beautiful place,
simply because we believe it could be.


Being optimistic is a choice, and a healthy one to boot as, when one is confronted with its alternative, darkness starts to take over.

Nice post, thank you for sharing your light in the face of madness. Namaste :)

It is a choice it's hard sometimes but everyday is a battle haha.

I agree with the idea - that we make a choice to be optimistic, but 50% of our nature I think was built in the childhood - the atmosphere where we grew up and our parents if they worked on this side of their character. So 50% it's our choice, 50 % that is what we got from our parents. But we have to work on 100% of what we have now :)))

It would be so good to be able to believe that you are absolutely right. But we must sadly accept that man is not perfect.

"we need to have faith. we need to believe in something" In a time when are churches are all too often empty, these lines remain so true. Surely today we all need something to believe in, but traditional beliefs and values have been taken from us.

An inspirational post,pleasant to read and contemplate, thank you.

I will always be an optimist at heart, i loved this article. If you need help with crypto let me know.

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being optimistic has a way of getting things to work out better.

as someone that was pessimistic, to change that.. and see how it makes things work out better, makes me feel that is proof of God.

and the more i see it, the more my faith grows.

Wow!!, the write up was great and I really love it. It's a motivated words. Thanks so much for sharing

optimistic or pessimistic , its all a choice, yet most people might not realize that they play a very crucial role in our daily lives.

Think about all the negative people who literally have nothing going for them and then the other side of the rainbow you have the people that always have something to look froward to.

So i ask you , which one whould fit you best>

Just lovely @honeybee I'm going to write a little diddy like that now

Interesting and thought-provoking read.

One question -

If we're talking about the Judeo-Christian God, and thereby understanding the world IS sinful, how do we maintain optimism in the face of evil? Not optimism in faith, but optimism that we can end the "wars, indecency, fraud, and deception"?

Thanks for writing this. So uplifting

This is beautiful, but what really struck me for some reason was the use of capitalization.

I love it.

The way you don't use any capitals except for, "He" & "God". It's striking for some reason.

Wow @honeybee that is so inpirational. I really enjoyed that, thank you so much!

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Great optimism. We really need to be constant reminder of this especially now with all that is happening around the word. My favourite artist puts it this way: there's hope in the chaos. And that's what this poem reminds me of: the truth that there's hope in the chaos, there's a silverlining in every dark cloud. And all things are working together for good.

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