corporate perversion

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corporate perversion


i despise society's love affair with corporations, and central governance.
"career", "financial security", "climbing the ladder", yada yada.. isn't it just a fallacy?
one that masks the putrid and vile nature of control under the pretence of meritocracy?

who needs meritocracy anyway, since when did darwin's survival of fittest, necessitate the circle jerk that is modern society. "linkedin" a way so insufferable to the zealots that carved the principles of nobility, morality.

mutual aid is the only way forward.

we assume greed is the sorting function of resource, it is not. rather a temporary glitch in the righteousness of being human. come armageddon, and yes it will, only then shall we see the cesspool of greed, selfishness subside, granting new paradigms of mutual aid.

"it took the destruction or near total annihilation of the human race for them to realise what it means to be be a crab in the bucket"

you succeed together, or perish together.

no one is left behind in the end.

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no one, or everyone.
stand together or fall divided.
I really like this article.

upvoted my friend..

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