Israel's Genocide. Part 1

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This post and the following posts in this series may cost me some followers. And I am okay with that. I often find that the truth is not something people like to hear.


I have been following the going's on between Israel and Palestine for at least 12 years now. I remember clearly events happening in 2006, though I have a hazy memory of some things before then.

But I can confidently say 2006. Why does that matter? Because I have learned a lot, in all those years.


I have argued with members of "Christian's United For Israel" (CUFI)many a time. I have some choice words for them and they have threatened to kill myself and my children for disagreeing with them. How very representative of the Christian values. 😒

I have been called a terrorist supporter, a Whore, a Bitch, a Nazi, a Cunt and an Anti-Semite among many other more colorful things more times than I could possibly remember. Some have called for my rape, before my death.

Why? Because I recount the truth. I tell it like it is. When the Palestinians do something terrible I call it out. When the Israeli's do something terrible I call that out too. Turns out it's the Israelies far mkre often.

Israeli children: To Palestine, with love."

Pro-Israeli folks hate me for that. I don't fall in with the "God's chosen people" bullshit, which makes me human scum.

I happen to believe that the crimes committed by the Israeli people should be punished by world authority, but the US is Israel's lap dog and blocks all UN resolutions. The UN cannot even issue a statement chastizing Israel without the US blocking them.

So, I am going to start off with this first article in what I am sure will be a long series by explaining a very simple concept that people get so, ridiculously wrong.

Anti-semite. Semetism.

Can you even tell me what that means? Israel and pro-Israel allies will tell you that ANY speach or action against Israel, including calling out their genocidal bullshit, is anti-semetism.

So, a history lesson is in order. Semetic people were NOT just Hebrew. Semetic people were people in the region that spoke the semetic languages. This includes Arabs and Africans and even some Asians.

DNA studies have shown that Palestinians and Israeli's are actually related more closely than any other Arab group.

If you want to talk religion, there are THREE main semetic religions. Christianity, Judaism and wait for it... Islam.

Semites originated in Arabia and Ethiopia. Again for those in the back. THE ORIGINAL SEMITIC PEOPLE WERE IN ARABIA AND ETHIOPIA.

It is, of course, biblical. They come from one of the children of Noah, a son named Shem.


I know. This isn't what you've been taught. This isn't the same rhetoric Bibi has been spewing for years. But it's REALITY. Reality doesn't have to fit the false narrative. It rarely does.

In future posts I will address the legalities of Israel's aphartied occupation. I will discuss cease fires and who breaks them. I will discuss destruction of property, deaths, humiliation and cruelty. I will discuss terrorism and religious rights.

But for now, just ruminate on the fact that the Israeli government is anti-semetic against the semetic people surrounding them. The boy who cried wolf? Or the pot calling the kettle black?


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I just wonder to see the Israel children writing on bomb!
What they had been taught! that they wish another country people to die.


Teaching the kids hatred is a heinous crime


The Palestinian children also learn hate, but through experience, not schooling.

There are children in Gaza, older than my trio who have never known a life without bombs periodically falling on their heads.


That's exactly right. They are indoctrinated from a very young age.

People are people - I've met many friendly Israeli and Palestinian people. The problem is with those who promotes violence and hatred. Such people exists at both sides, but the power balance is very much skewed.


My aim with this series is to bring truth and awareness about the occupation. So many people have no idea what goes on there.

I once had a young man offer to pay me $30,000 USD to marry him so he could get out of Gaza. The situation is so desperate there.