How to be a perfect woman--------怎样做一个完美女人

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    To be a perfect woman is not to say that she has congenital advantages, such as the angel face, the devil figure, but the self accomplishment. Though it is a face age now, the congenital advantage is always running out, and self cultivation is the wealth of your life. Let's see how to do it.

As a natural woman! No more noble and beautiful, not just a simple and comfortable make-up. No matter how the mood, never let yourself decadent, every day to be clean and tidy, even if not make-up can be generous and decent.

Be an honest woman! Be honest and kind, don't pretend. The friend to be sincere, and strive to the strength of the opponent. Laugh, you laugh, cry, wail is completely. Win, lose, be sincerely convinced to work in just ways.

Be a strong woman! Independence, tenacity and bravery. In the face of difficulties, perhaps fear, perhaps failure, but never escape; facing the feelings, maybe not, perhaps helpless, but never entangled. In the face of the future, it may be helpless, perhaps confused, but never rely on it.

Be an indifferent woman! Get me lucky and lose my life. Never rely on, never look for, not strong; occasionally fragile, but generally strong, occasionally willful, but general reason. Be good to yourself and believe in others. Not extreme pettiness of character, feisty.

Be a smiling woman! Smile with your eyes and feel the tiny happiness in your life. Even if disappointed, never let himself despair, always keep smiling, and always believe that God is the one who favors a smiling child.

To be a single-minded woman! Only love one person and love one's whole life for a lifetime. Even if he knows, there will be more excellent people besides him, drowning three thousand, taking a single bucket and firmly using one heart to warm another heart.

Be a simple woman! Simple and simple, happy and natural. Don't excessive without friendship, not say meaningless groundless talk, as far as possible to recall the past, really careful to love a person, I seek not profound, but simple. To be an elegant woman, do not do not little, happiness is good.    



        做一个自然的女人! 不求高贵华丽, 更不要浓妆艳抹, 只求简单舒适。 不管心情如何, 绝不会让自己颓废, 每天都要干净整洁, 即使不化妆也能大方得体。

        做一个坦荡的女人! 诚实善良,不要伪装。 对朋友真诚以待, 和对手以实力相争。 笑,就尽情开怀, 哭,就嚎啕彻底。 赢,要光明正大, 输,要心服口服。

        做一个坚强的女人! 独立自主,坚韧勇敢。 面对困境,或许害怕, 或许失败,但绝不逃避; 面对感情,或许不舍, 或许无奈,但绝不纠缠。 面对未来,或许无助, 或许迷茫,但绝不依赖。

        做一个淡然的女人! 得之我幸,失之我命。 从不依靠,从不寻找,更不强求; 偶尔脆弱,但一般坚强, 偶尔任性,但一般理智。 善待自己,相信他人。 绝不小肚鸡肠,争强好胜。

        做一个爱笑的女人! 要用眼睛去微笑, 感受生活中那些微小的幸福。 就算失望也绝不让自己绝望, 始终保持微笑,始终坚信, 上帝是偏爱有笑容的孩子的。

       做一个专一的女人! 一辈子只爱一个人, 爱上了,就一心一意, 即使知道除了他之外, 还会出现更优秀的人, 溺水三千,只取一瓢, 坚定的用一颗心, 去温暖另一颗心。

        做一个简单的女人! 平淡朴实,开心自然。 不要无事时过分热络的友谊, 不多说无谓的闲言碎语, 尽可能的不去缅怀往事, 慎重真心的去爱一个人, 我不求深刻,只求简单。 做一个优雅的女子, 不倾国不倾城,快乐就好。


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