Jamaica IS the ancient GREEK island called SAMOS. Disruptive History 101

in #writing5 years ago

In the digital ecosphere where everyone is talking about DISRUPTION, I think it is time to DISRUPT and DECENTRALIZE history!

We ALL have been lied to. There are still people in these communities that want to continue the lies. I am bringing the alternative to lies. ACTUAL FACTS and TRUTH!

There is HUGE news coming with Reggie Middleton and Veritaseum. A GLOBAL change in the economic structure is upon us. It is only fitting that the REAL history is shown to reflect that change.

The Black people, called Egyptians, were in the Americas and FOUNDED these TWO LANDS. The NAME America comes from the Egyptians.

In this video, I go into the beginning of the details about the HOAX that America was named after the Italian...Amerigo Vespucci. THAT WAS NOT HIS NAME!

Black people named these TWO LANDS, America, over 22,000 years ago.

You want to DISRUPT industries and put people out of business? Start with the HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES departments of your major colleges and universities.

This is the END of racism.

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