Café creativity: A legit work environment

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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

I started work early today, 0700 actually. Yes, I know it's not really that early but considering I normally get to my office around 0800-0815 it's earlier than normal. Why though? Well, because I'm responsible, take ownership of my role and had something important to do but not important enough to burn business hours on considering I have a heavy work-load this week. Legit right?

I didn't go to the office. No, I'm not that crazy! I headed to a cafe I've not been to in a while figuring I'd get some breakfast and work there. Pictured below is that breakfast: Rosti stack - Potato rosti's (hash browns) topped with bacon, poached eggs, caramelised red onion with avocado and tomato relish. Yes, it was nice - Monumentally nice actually.

I was working on a proposal for a new client and I sometimes find doing that, finding the creativity I look for, can be easier when I'm away from the office and all the noises and distractions to be found there. Sure, I can close my office door but then I feel isolated and seem to loose creativity even more. I find it much easier to be in a comfortable environment like a café, not any old café, but the right one, and despite the noise from other patrons I tend to be able to work more effectively. I guess we all work differently though and some may prefer total silence and seclusion. I admit that at times I do too but café's tend to be a productive place for me, certainly when writing for steem, and for certain aspects of my work also.

I'd be curious to hear how other's find the right environment or frame of mind to write or work using steem as the example. Many of us have commitments that cannot be avoided like work, children, sporting and social activities and we all have to sleep at some point too. How do you manage to fit it in? I write a lot on steem and on any given day have 3-4 posts either finished waiting to post or almost done.

I tend to write quite quickly and never really sit in front of my computer at a loss of something to say. In fact it's quite the contrary...I have too much to say and have to hold back because I don't want to post too much. I also write quickly then go back over my work one or two times searching for typos, phrases I could write better and other things to make my blog read as good as can be...It all takes time though right? I'm not on social media so never waste time looking at an endless feed which is one way I manage to find the time. I also put myself in the right environment to write...Like the café this morning.

Finding creativity can mean many different things to each of us: A sculptor's idea of it will be different to a writer for instance, however creativity in itself is the same no matter what the application. The word creativity means: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something, or inventiveness according to google and isn't that what we all do here on steem? We are all creators and all use creativity.

So, how about you? Please comment below on any tricks you use to make your writing flow or read better or to simply get your words down on the page, your message across, in the time you have available. How do you use creativity to engage with your followers or the consumer in general? I'm interested to know.

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Lol, I work best after midnight when most of the daily noice is completely off.

I do my best sleeping after midnight. 😁

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Well......... Shit

I write just like I talk....

"How's that Krazzy?" You ask.....


The hardest part for Me, is to clean it up, to make it look "smart." To make it less "rude & crude."

The first part of this comment took me .09 seconds to type. The second part, (The hardest part) and this took almost 10 min of OCD filled thought and do overs...

"True Story"

PS: Thanks Asshole, Now I am Fucking Hungry

I struggle to write and so prefer to have peace and quiet.

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I edit everything I have to say down to a sentence :)

Mmmmmm legit? 🤔 😂 Just kidding. Looks like a lovely place to sit and work. I haven't tried that in a while. Restaurants here are expensive!!! Harsh on the finances. 😅

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I would say that 40% of what I post on steem is written in a café during my working week. I spend somewhere between 90-120 minutes in a café daily, lunch coffee and writing. I'm lucky to have a great deal of autonomy in my job to do so.

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That is amazing. I can say.... I caught up on some stuff from my 'office' with a view this afternoon.. 😊

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I write best in small dozes. After 30-40 minutes I take a break, 5 -10 minutes of TV or cooking or reading. When I come back I read what I have written and usually there is changing and tweaking of the previous stuff.

There are exceptions. Sometimes I have the whole plot till the end right there, with many details already in place- so I type as fast as I can. But the longest I have continuously written is still not so much- a little under 2 hours.

Felt like sharing after reading your post @galenkp . Keep up the creative work- your way!

I enjoy hearing how other people facilitate their writing. We all work differently of course and find productivity in different methods. I can sit and write for hours on end sometimes and at other not.

Either way I tend to proof read quite a bit and with some of my more writing, say 50%, I leave it for 24 hours to cool before I release it. Means I can go back to it and amend it as sometimes writing in the moment can convey the wrong message.

I wrote a 440,000+ story back a while ago, it took over a year of work and a lot of effort. Someday maybe I'll let it see the light of day. Writing it was probably the start of my regular writing and I attribute the fact I still write to that year-long writing session.

Thanks for your input.

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Nice to meet someone passionate about writing. If you tell me you are a sci-fi fan (like me) then that will be a most welcome coincidence.

Please answer Yes!

I love watching sci-fi for sure! I don't read it much though. I love the fantasy genre though. Love it. Raymond E Feist is my favourite author.

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Try Scott Lynch

As for TV is it Star Trek Or The Defenders (I liked both)

Hello @galenkp, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!