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RE: Our actions on the blockchain create a permanent digital trail of breadcrumbs

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Very nice article @drutter,
I enjoyed reading about your genealogy research. It's very interesting indeed how we are able to map this history with the evidence left behind by our ancestors.

I'm not sure how often people think about or even realize the gravity of our data footprint. Everything you listed off regarding SMART technology is on the money.
We are literally engulfed in an internet of things reality in present day, and we're only just getting started. 5G will connect it all, and much more. I'm still wondering how our bodies will withstand 60GHz frequencies, and hoping that it will not be used on us as a weapon, as it easily could be if the scientific claims are true. Active Denial System Wikipedia says you can cook peoples skin with 95GHz. (Also it's interesting how the symptoms are so in style, you know..Covid)

I have quite a bit to say about all of this, but I am trying to keep it brief.

I wonder if the future generations will even experience reality in the same manner as we do now.

Very thought provoking topic, and it was very nicely written. Have a great Wednesday my friend.


Sorry I missed replying yesterday, as I took a bit of time off the blockchain.
Thanks for your thoughts, and link. I'm glad to know conscious and thinking people, with original thoughts and analysis, like yourself.
I like 1990s tech, for the most part. Cell phones and texting, max. No smart, no wifi. I think even the women were better back then, but I wouldn't know, I was still a sheltered teen at that point :P
EDIT... well... maybe not toward the end of the 90s, but that's another story (and an unpleasant one) so let's save it for another day! Haha.
Have a great night.

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