Silver Processing on Bali: Artika´s Art Shop Manufactury!

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Hello dear blog readers and Steemians,

last Sunday I also had the chance to visit a silver art processsing manufactury during my Bali travel trip in Indonesia and in this article I want to give you more information about the silver processing on Bali and show you some photo impressions.

The silver art manufactury which I have visited is the Artika´s art shop and the address is: Jl. Raya Celuk, Gianyar Bali

The telephone number is: 0361298632

About the silver processing:

1: The silver is mixed with copper.


100% silver mix with copper to make it strong, because 100% silver is too soft. Example: 100 grams of silver is mixed with 7,5 grams copper

2: After mixing the silver with copper, they are melting it down by using fire.

It will made to a silver block and then the silver block will be rolled or pressed to make a silver plate.



3: They are cutting the silver plate and making the basic design out of it.

4: They are putting the design on the plate by drawing, carving, cutting, or put the small balls that they are calling "Jawan" and solder it.

  • To put "Jawan" on it, they are using temporary glue made from local seeds and after placing it, they are solder it to become strong

5: They are using special liquid to make it look black or white if necessary.


6: The last process is the polishing with the polishing machine to make the silver product clean and shiny.


More information:

  • All the silver is coming from Borneo Island (Kalimantan) in Indonesia

  • There are two kind of silver finishing

  • Black: They are using brimstone liquid to make the silver look black at the bottom, so that you can see the pattern clearly

  • White: They are dipping the silver in a chemical liquid to make it look white

  • 925 is stamped on the jewellery to demonstrate the good quality of the product. This stamp represents the fact that the piece of the jewellery consists of 92,5 % genuine silver, the other 7,5 % is copper to make it strong and to help prevent tarnishing

  • Sterling silver is 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% other material, usually copper, because it´s safe to wear

  • They are not using nickel for the products to avoid allergy

Thanks to my local guide Bano, who offered me a really good price for a whole day tour through Bali!

I visited many different places on Sunday and I was free to choose which spots individually.

If you are searching for a driver together with a friendly guide to create your own individual tour on Bali for a good price, I can suggest you to contact Bano.

Here is his mobile number with Whatsapp too: +62 877 566 455 64

If you are contecting him, it would be cool if you are telling him, that you was recommended by Jonas from Germany. Im not getting a comission for it, it´s just that he knows that Im suggesting his tour service.

Greetings and hear you in my next article everyone!

Jonas - @future24



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Check out the profiles for news and my introduction article about the EsteemSurfer Software here, if you don´t know it so far: 💡 Introducing the EsteemSurfer Software with many useful features!

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