The Comeback

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Welcome to this new day and to my blog too! This post is about creating time for the people you claim to love or do love.

Roy has just gained admission into the university of his choice. He had written his entrance examination and came out in flying colours. He earnestly packed his belongings, awaiting the day he was to embark on his journey to a new state. His mother had gone to the market and bought the things he needed to stay on his own. She had earlier paid for the rent of his 'one-room' apartment to enable him be comfortable.

On the day set aside for him to travel with his mother, they packed his belongings went to the park and boarded a bus for the journey. On arrival, Roy and his mother put all of his items in place before she gave him some piece of advice and went her way.


Roy started his school activities and was hardworking at school. He called his parents to inform them that a day has been fixed for their matriculation and they promised to be there.

On that fateful day, Roy waited for his parents but didn't see them. Other 'fresh' students in his hostel were with their families having fun while Roy sat alone in his room. Soon, the hostel was quiet as everyone has left for school. Roy decided to go to a nearby plaza to charge his phone and call his parents when he met some boys drinking at a bar nearby. His friend Matt beckoned on him to come and join them and since Roy didn't have anything going for the day, he went to join them.

Roy drank a bottle of beer and started throwing up as he wasn't used to drinking.

"See this jew guy o. Only one bottle of beer you are vomiting like a pregnant woman", said Tom, a 300Level student in their midst, laughing loudly.

"Even some pregnant women don't vomit like this now", Ejike added.

"It's okay. Let's take him to our hostel", said Matt, dragging Roy to his feet.

They took Roy to their hostel where he slept off.

  • Jew guy - Someone that is new to something.

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Nice post

Perhaps this is why my younger brother is a part-time slave to his drink... He's never quite crossed that line - probably because our parents live with him. But being the youngest has both advantages and disadvantages - advantages that you get away with more and enjoy more solo-child time when the older siblings have left... disadvantages that the parents have less time/energy to focus on your wants and needs and are busy with other things when you get to that only-child stage at the other end... Yeah, he definitely felt neglected regardless of whether that was truly the case, but with his Gemini sun and moon... he's never had to grow up away from his "evil twin", so his evil twin can also steal time and limelight from his sun. It's hard to watch - thankfully, I at least have distance when I need it.


That is right. Some parents would think the elder siblings will help in raising the younger ones but they forget that the elder ones have their lives to live. You only get to enjoy it (being the youngest) when everyone is still around but after that stage, you have a lot of work to do to keep yourself running well.


I had to help a lot with my younger brothers. More than what is generally required these days - and I didn't have the tools either. But it still did me good - and hopefully they have forgiven me being the bossy older sister! However, as you said, older siblings finish growing up and leave the home. My youngest brother was 12 when I left home. Seems sad to have missed out on his teenage years.

We certainly need to create time for people we love, but that is not to say that there can occasionally arise circumstances beyond our control when we could miss out.

That is no excuse for throwing a tantrum, unless maybe if you are a child. I don't expect that for a University Student.

But taking on the idea as i it is, yest, ideally, it is important to create time for those we love.


One or two times can be overlooked but what if family and friends become so far away both physically and emotionally, it may be kind of tough you know.


I agree. I think when all is said and done, it comes down to the extent to which it happens, a few times with good reason is yes ok, and may be several times is not healthy.

But again, as in every aspect of life and relationships, how one responds to such circumstances, especially if an adult, is equally important


I agree with you. The way we handle circumstances around us goes a long way to show how matured we really are.


True, and that comes with experience.

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