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When I was a little kid, I remember I simply hated my dad. He was constantly forcing me to read books. There were even days when I cried with crocodile tears. I just couldn’t control my nerves, but I had nothing else to do: I had to read and tell him about what I read. Either way, maybe I felt really bad about this back then, but nowadays I feel much better. I learned so many things from what he made me do. Of course, this happened much later…


Actually, I understood why I had to read books only at 30 years old. People say that this would be the age when men grow up. Whatever, maybe that was also the age for me…

So if you haven’t read yet a book, you should know that you still have time! Books can bring a lot of benefits. Some more valuable than others.

  • Basically, books help you develop. You get the chance to become exactly what you wish to become.

  • Books support the intellectual development. They make you smarter.

  • They help you experience stuff. Doing things by the book isn’t the same with doing them by just hearing.

  • If you want to understand why you need to read books, you should know that a book can help you see the things you don’t see. They help you see all perspectives: not only the things you knew about, but also those that you didn’t even suspected.

  • Books boost your imagination. They teach you how to dream. You create your own world.

  • Books can give you the wisdom that you don’t have. Wisdom is the superior capacity of understanding and judging things. What more could you wish for?

  • Books can help you relax. They calm you down, they relax you, they bring you peace.

  • Reading books enriches the way you speak. They actually improve the way you speak your mind.

You should read because this is how you’ll get the chance to enrich yourself. But don’t get me wrong! Books don’t bring you money, they help you become rich. And when I say "rich", I mean a rich man from all points of view (not only materially, but also sentimentally). Therefore, stop asking yourself "Why should I read?". The reasons, as you can see for yourself, are quite obvious…

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