SHADOWGAMES #16 (Comic) — Angel.

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One day, an angel came down to earth...


Sometimes I wonder... if we actually see something that defies everything we think we know about the world, about ourselves, about the universe or about the "way things should be"... Would we be able to accept it?

The problem is, I think we adults are not just ready.

Think about something so incredibly amazing and undeniable real as the case in this comic. What about if an angel actually comes down to earth tomorrow?

An angel. An actual, physical, angel. With wings and everything. And that day, the very existence of this angel reveals that God is actually there. That He is actually seeing you all the frigging time, and that He created you and everything else.

No more faith, no more "Maybe but.." or "Nah, it was...". And no more Buddhism or Taoism or whatever. No more opinions, or philosophies, or questioning...

No. This is the truth. Deal with it.

What would you do with it?

I actually think, in this case, people of faith and people of science would act just the same. They would try to make sense of this, adjusting it to their perceptions. To their ideas. They would try to make it fit in their original conception of everything, instead of changing all.

But I think the children would take it better. I think they will just assume the obvious with excitement and wishes to learn more about it. They won't have any problem with new ideas or concepts or points of view.

If this is the truth, well, let's enjoy it!

Yeah... I think they would think the angel is so cool.


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