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I usually did not fancy attending conferences, seminars or any writing workshops, I think I've only been to two or three conferences (writing and public speaking) all my life. Some friends would send an invitation to me and I would give them the impression that I won't miss it for any reason. You know that "oh yes! I'll certainly be there" statement accompanied with a calm smile on your face. Most times I intentionally stayed back, other times, an event came up and I used that as a perfect excuse for my inability to attend. Usually, I get scared of public places, I tend to fret or lose confidence when I'm in a large crowd. Over the years, I've built this personality, most people look up to me for several things, they believe there are things I can do but I honestly doubt if I can do most of those things. In one of the conferences I could bring myself to attend, a speaker left me with a statement that changed my perspective to some extent. He said "Every art is learnt, even the art of being foolish is learnt". It may sound ridiculous but it is absolutely true, you can only walk the path of perfection by constantly practicing your craft, assimilating evolving and novel ideas and this can mostly be achieved by reading, attending conferences, workshops etc.
It baffles my friends how I get to write after battling with all the derivations and calculations in Physics because they don't see any connection but I tend to see an interconnection in everything about life.
These are a few personal tips I'll like to share about writing;

Write To Free Yourself
I have problems with people who don't maximize their experiences. You don't bottle up your daily encounters and experiences especially if they are hurtful, insightful or inspiring. Write them out or say them out, for someone like me that cannot share her experience in a face to face conversation with others, I tend to just write them out. To me, writing is a place to work out yourself, you share the pieces of you with others. The more you work out, the more you discover yourself because writing is life.

Write What You Love
Writing is fun when it's on what you are passionate about. It does not mean you cannot write on things that do not catch your interest but specialization is power. There's this fulfillment that comes when you sit back and read a piece you wrote especially if it centers on something you like.

Write What You Know
If you are not writing fiction, poetry or narrating real life experience, then you have to research on the information you intend to come up with to avoid sharing wrong or outdated information. Finding a personal understanding in something is important, you have to read, understand the concept, analyze it based on your understanding then come up with ideas you can gather from it in your own words.

Avoid The Writer's Block Excuse
Sometimes the idea is just there grinning at us, waiting for us to grab our pens and write it down. Writing requires consistency and consistency is a product of self discipline. Writing ain't magic, it's the consistency that brings out the magic in it. So when you are having a bad day, let your book absorb your anger, let your pen spill your pains, let people read those doubts and fears that burn in your bones, that's what writing is all about.

Paint The Scene With Words
For fiction and poetry writers, let your audience not only read your words, let them see through your words. Describe the scene, let each word build the picture you want them to see. The whole beauty of writing especially poetry is when you portray it rather than tell it and this can only be achieved by playing with words rightly.
To conclude everything, I'll say that every craft requires practice, continuous and relentless efforts boost growth so it needs you to keep practicing, sit yourself down and learn, picture everything you intend to write before you spill it out and don't forget to keep writing!

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Great tips, thanks!

Thanks for stopping by
It's nice to have you read it

Love the first 3 tips, they strike very true for me. It doesn’t feel real unless it’s something from within that I need to have outside of me.

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I'm learning.😉

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"Every art is learnt, even the art of being foolish is learnt".

this is so right.... i do believe no one is a born genius and that all are made by our enviroment and ourselves ...

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