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We often say things we do not take note of sometimes in our daily interaction and association with other people. It is not far from the truth that our speech is the most obvious and accurate measure of the reality and depth of our experiences. The flow of words of a person at any time especially under a compelling situation or during unguarded moments reveal the picture of the quality of the person's mind, the depth or shallowness of experiences, the strengths, weaknesses and quality of character.

Words are powerful and are really an important possession that should be carefully released because they sow their influence in other people's lives. The things you think of in your mind cannot possible be read by others until they are passed out as words. You are mostly held accountable for your words. In most situations, the most casual and nearly thoughtless words we speak really reveal our true person more than our carefully framed and well planned words because in the casual words, the real feelings are portrayed.

It takes a strong heart and a disciplined tongue to cautiously control the words that proceed out of his/her mouth when faced with strong emotions like anger, anxiety and overjoy. Undoubtedly, our words have the potential of eternity in them, they leave a mark, sometimes indelible, on the minds of people even when you as the speaker might have forgotten about them. It takes few seconds to say things you might eternally regret ever saying and it takes sometimes a lifetime to dwell in the regrets of the words you spoke moments back.
Ever been in an angry situation that you spilled all the things that burdened your heart even beyond the things you planned on saying especially if the anger is rekindled in the process of trying to express yourself? It leaves you with a sense of guilt immediately the anger subsides, It puts you in an unconscious situation where you'll later have to sit and recollect everything you said because you had spoken without taking cognizance of the words that flew out of your mouth at that moment when your emotions were high.

It's funny that our lives are constantly measured physically by our words and our actions therefore it is needful to be cautious of how we let our words flow. Our personality is not only determined by our actions, our words are also a major determinant of our character and personality trait. At some points in our lives, we need to reconsider the percentage of things we said about ourselves and others and rate how positive or negative they were.

We need to make reference to our conversations, speeches, reactions and interactions with others and analyze what they portray about us, if they reflect our true character or if they build a bad impression about our personality. Our lives need to be placed on a balance to weigh the angle we are daily growing into, inorder to take necessary measures where corrections or amendments are meant to be done.

Anticipate the next part of this series , "Our Thoughts Are Life"

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You just hit the nail right on the head words are actually life, the world we are in today are framed out of the words of God. This let us know the power in words.do you know you cannot separate a man from is words meaning if the words a person is constantly uttering are positive there an 100% possibility that the man would live a positive life so it is with the opposite. Thanks for sharing such a great article.


Inspiration and motivasion a good

It is true dear. Tongue is very powerful instrument that some people do not know about. "The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pour forth foolishness. The lips of the wise disperse knowledge, but the heart of the fool does not do so" Proverbs 15:2,7.

I appreciated your article. I am already doing most of what you are saying. And I strive to do more like helping others. I am trying to bring science to people. I am also setting up a curation effort to help the poor rural communities through steemit. We are the change the world needs.
I helped create the software that the Air Traffic Controllers in Nigeria use to train :P

@alexdory, I read your article on your intentions and efforts to develop the community through steemit
I must say I saw that as very overwhelming, I was touched by your concern for your community
Keep doing more, Most of the things we do now serves as a seed for the future
And again, yes! We are certainly the change the world needs

Thanks! I am not locked only in Steemit, but it has the power to do it, without the usual fears that the funds will go to waste or that someone will hijack them, since the creators are always public people with wants and souls.

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As always, Esther, your words are wonderful. Makes me happy that I found your posts as part of the exercise at qurator.

Thank you.

Thank you so much
I'm glad to have you read it

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Some food for thought... Great work Es...

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@estherikott, there is so much wisdom here.

I have a couple of things I try to filter my words through.

1.) What is my motivation for saying it?
2.) What are the possible outcomes for saying it?
3.) Will the receiver and anyone in hearing distance be better off for having heard it?

Of course, being human, I don't always succeed in filtering my words through these considerations first, but I never regret it when I take the time to consider these things before speaking.

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