How First Impression Works

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Passing judgements or concluding on someone's personality based on their appearance or the attitude they exhibit the first time we meet them is one of the things we humans do. People receive messages about us in many ways and how we choose to present ourselves gives one piece of information about us. Though we may try to justify our appearance by taking a defense shade in the cliché "Never judge a book by its cover", Ironically, we do that too because humans are naturally judgemental, it is simply in our nature to pass out judgement on others at first glance, most times we never consider how true our view or perception about this person is.
Our appearance, both facial expressions and mode of dressing, covers a greater percentage of the judgement people pass on us at first sight before even engaging a dialogue. Facial expression sends out different emotions like being happy, sad, angry or afraid to the waiting unconscious minds of the people we meet before we utter some words. It is important to note that we cannot control people's perception of us but we can control how we portray ourselves to the outside world.


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First impression is generally the message about yourself sent across to people the first few seconds they meet you. In interactions with other people, making a good first impression is imperative to developing a sound personality in the eyes of others because no one gets a second chance to create a good first impression. People feel the first message you portray about yourself on a first meeting speaks more of your personality or who you really are.
A girl got transferred to the school I attended, the first day she walked into the class, I managed to wave at her but she did not return the gesture. I immediately assumed she must be a proud person who does not want to associate with others so I kept my distance. Few months went by and we never talked to each other, she confronted me once and asked why I keep a straight face anytime I see her. After narrating my headache, she then explained that she never saw me waved because she has eye issues and did not put on her glasses that day.
Funny enough, I had concluded she was too proud to associate with me because humanly, that is what my mind interpreted at the moment.

The impression we hold about people certainly affects the way we relate with them. If someone dresses all tattered and walks up to you for a dialogue, certainly, we would think the person is mentally derailed and you wouldn't relate with such person the way you would have related with someone dressed appropriately. We mostly judge people based on their appearance and our perception of them. Of course physical appearance matters but invariably that does not really define the person. Sometimes the first impression we hold about someone may not necessarily be true, once you get really close to the person and learn about the person, then you would realize you were wrong all along. All those views you held would gradually die away and get replaced by your experiences with the person.

When the message you send across is positive, people tend to assume that other aspects about you are likely positive. The same applies if you send a negative message across about yourself. Importantly, when relating with someone for the first time, we have to ensure that our dressing, speech, facial and bodily expressions and reaction to their views and opinions speak good of us and portray a picture of who we truly are. It is necessary that we put our emotions under control such that they do not become a major determinant of the actions we take on our first meeting with a person.

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Appearance often plays a positive role in communication, we tend to trust people with a pleasant appearance. Many use this for their own interests.

Yeah, that's very true
Appearance sometimes can be very deceptive but it still remains an avenue of ascertaining one's personality

It would really make sense if we weren't doomed to appearance bias and its like. First impressions can be quite a whole lot of bullshit. Too bad there's no escape from it.

It's unfortunate that we're bound to have people misjudge our personality because of their perception about us, It's how life has presented it to us

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Indeed first impressions make such an impact on people and often we are quick to judge without knowing the circumstances.

I like how you personalized the experience and recounted how your first impression changed after you talked.

Thank you @maverickinvictus, It's nice to have you read it

I've been looking back to the friends I had in high school and it's sad to realize how bad I judged people. But the good thing is that when we see this, we are able to change.

Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, It's sad when we look bad and realize how wrongly we have judged them but life always provide an opportunity most times to work things out

Well knitted post!

Just a quick question though if you don't mind, do you really use first impressions as the yardstick for weighing a man's true nature?

No, I don't believe in my opinion at first sight, Sometimes I try to get close to the person to really discover who they are

Sometimes? What happens at other times?

You know, I've been dropping lotta messages for you on Discord but seem to be be getting no replies...

I was just trying to check up on you during your exams, you know.

You have such an amazing poems on FB by the way

I'll check them out, thanks for drawing my attention to that
Sorry for not replying your messages, haven't been active on discord lately

That's a very detailed analysis. And yes you are right, we do tend to pass judgement at the first encounter itself(which i guess we all know is wrong). Physical appearance does matter but it doesn't define a person. I do the same as you, get close to a person to know who they really are before I form any opinion about them. :)

Appearances can be deceptive, especially when a judgement is to be delivered on the basis of it. For example a poster of a movie may depict something completely different from what the movie may eventually convey to the person who watches it.

They also say that the first impression is the last impression, but what I have found in my experience is that the first impression(with reference to appearance) is never the best or most lasting impression.

Nice post, point well explained!