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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” –Aristotle.

I once stumbled on a story of one Henry Morgan, who had a short term memory. An aftermath side effect of a brain surgery he did to treat his epilepsy, while he was in his mid-twenties.

Henry couldn’t remember anything that happened after the surgery. His family moved to a new house and he would have to ask repeatedly where the bathroom was. He was once interviewed thirty minutes after lunch, he could not recall a single item he had eaten. In fact he could not remember having eaten at all.

He was stuck in time.

Unable to learn, grow, interact and change. Anyone who doesn’t know himself is in many ways like Henry Morgan; stuck in time!

To reach the peak of your potential and sow seeds that benefit others, self-discovery is very important. Self-discovery is a journey to unveil your strengths, identify your weaknesses, explore your opportunities and develop your talents.

John Maxwell once said; there are three categories of people who navigate through life at a given time; people who don’t know what to do; people who know what they would like to do but don’t do it; people who know what they would like to do and do it.

Few situations are as extreme as Henry Morgan’s, yet most people seem to fall into the category where they don’t know what to do. This is sequel to the singular fact that they haven’t discover themselves, thus, they remain unfocussed in their quest for true education and growth.

Knowing yourself is not necessarily an easy thing for everyone to do, but it begins the process to maximize your existence and lead a fulfilled lifestyle.

To start this journey, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PASSION.

God has given everyone a unique heart. Your heart beat rhythmically for something most often. That, is your passion! And there is a definite connection between finding your passion and reaching your potentials.


I started mine actively some few years ago. Until then I was a jolly good fellow with clearly no direction for life. I had an inferiority complex that made me extremely quiet.

People around me would often say; “the guy is gentle and very reserved.” But my gentleness was borne out of mediocrity and inability to articulate my thoughts well.

But in the midst of these, I knew deep down I am destined for more. Though my background and life experiences until then, greatly influenced and shaped my person, I was determined to unveil myself.

Ever since then, some of my strengths are crystal clear: making friends seamlessly, imputing hope to others, and inspiring people with the little I know. My self-esteem has increased dramatically. I see life in a broader perspective, make better choices in the direction of my purpose and now, more certain of what tomorrow holds. I have become a better version of myself than I was some few years back and also the journey to unveil more still continues. I have since created values and principles around my deepest passion that dictate my decisions.

Really, self-discovery is a life long journey. But the earlier you get on the trajectory, the better.


The first step towards growth is awareness. The second is acceptance. If you must change and grow. Then you must discover things you naturally have flare for and accept you uniqueness.

To know what to do, you need to listen to your heart and pay attention to what you love doing. When you tap into what you are designed to do, it wrap up your energy and unleash your excellence.


Sometimes, you need to explore many things around you to truly discover your true self. It is wisdom to lay your hands on many ventures, being useful and responsible. In the midst of your exploration, your eureka moment of knowing what exactly to do, will come.

It should be noted, that it is neither too early nor too late to explore. Bobby Fischer became world chess champion at age 14 and Colonel Harlan sanders discovered his uniqueness at 65 producing the world famous Kentucky fried chicken. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service!


A positive environment is needful for self-discovery. You can’t master your self-awareness in an environment where character is compromised and knowledge is suppressed.

You really can’t make a head way in your discovery beyond the level of your exposures. However, you may not be able to choose your physical environment, but you can create an atmosphere for steady discoveries for yourself. Two ways are eminent; the books you read and the people you associate with.

Books are powerful. Embedded inside godly and self-development books are wisdom that can relate with your core and chart a course for your future. If you read long enough, you will suddenly discover who you are soon enough. Also, your friends are who you are. You are the average of the sum total of your five closest friends. If you move with the right set of people, you invariably become a better person. If they have a destination, then you are already on a journey, because you are poised to employ their collective characters and deploy their values.


In the midst of all these, keep praying. God still show people who engage the force of prayer, great and mighty things they do not know about themselvesh You are truly educated when you get to the point where you can engage your character, competence and charisma to meet needs, solve problems and empower others.

If you are not on the journey of self-discovery, then you are miles away from the track, lost on transit.

Resolve to be yourself and know that he who finds himself loses his misery.

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