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Head bent with his eyes full of desperation "he pleaded"
Please! date me --pausing he continued-- even if its just for two days , I just want to know what it feels like to have someone... He was young, not foolish and one of them too, one of those who had been successfully convinced that his happiness, peace, hope and satisfaction should come from the children story of Cinderella or the old tale of beauty and the beast... A king lost in his misery needing nothing but a kiss to redeem his glorious kingdom. We have been conditioned by our society to seek happiness from others and never from ourselves, to seek peace, fulfillment from outside sources.

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Well this is not a love story, but an illustration of the havoc the wrong information about ourselves has caused us, not only do we seek love from outside, we seek something more important, OUR FUTURE... We were designed to live as GIVERS, NOT RECEIVERS but our educational system breeds us for employment, not deployment; we are trained to look for jobs, and never to create them.
Its is like an apple seed that is trained to seek apple plants from the earth, and never to bear them... so the apple stays stagnant with a whole orchard trapped in it.

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Hey please if you were asked to describe what is in his hands what would your answer be?

Well he is actually holding a tree, i know that may seem odd but let me get you to understand...
It is actually a fact that it is a seed but, that's why its a fact, facts are the description of the present state of things... It is fact that if you don't go to college(university) your success in life will be limited in some way, in other words presently that is our observation, well Srinivasa Ramanujan who taught professors mathematics, and Les Brown one of the best speakers in the world never went to college.
A fact is not truth, its an observation of a present state. So that thing in that hand is not a seed its a tree why? the success(future) of all creation is built into creation.

Now what proof do i have to back this up?
The proof of CREATOR of creation
Gen 1 vs 12 KJV:And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, "whose seed was in itself", after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

That is how it is translated in English, but In the original Hebrew version this is what was written:
and the lord God made the tree and the plants and he hid in them their own seed and he placed the SEED of EVERYTHING in itself

What does the creator mean here, what is he really saying?
...placed The SEED of EVERYTHING IN itself ?
What he is saying is, whatever he created a thing to be he hides it in the thing.

You are a seed and trapped within you is love, happiness, success, fulfillment and most importantly YOUR OWN FUTURE , the ground never produces the apple tree, it just germinates what is inside it. that's why if you plant a dead seed it won't grow, because the potential is not in the earth its in the seed, the earth just releases it

You see the funny thing is a seed NEVER ever looks like the tree,take any seed anywhere, you'd see what i am saying, but the seed CARRIES the tree.

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Everything you are designed to do and enjoy is all trapped within you RIGHT NOW... but the question is are you going to release it? because as long as the apple seed refuses to release itself into the earth, it will remain what it is- A SEED.


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