So what was the question?

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I believe the right question to be asked is not what books are you reading, which church and what unit do you serve in, what is your educational level, who and who do you know ?
Because these do not NECESSARILY guarantee success, i know people who do all of these and are very qualified that are living unsatisfied lives, why? Because it is not your religiosity, academic performance, knowledgeability nor relationships that determines how far you can go in life its your BELIEF SYSTEM, which is how you view the world, yourself and the role you have in it.

You can do all these and still fail big time if you do not have the RIGHT THINKING which is a result of your belief system
This is why the lion as small as it is eats the elephant for lunch, it is not because the lion is special, its because it has a different belief system. The small lion thinks of itself as a predator, the gigantic elephant thinks of itself as prey.

Here in this video Les Brown gives an example of people with a wrong belief system, and how with all power knowledge they still were trapped.

How do you know if you have the belief system or not, the best way to judge the success of thing, is by measuring it against the purpose of its creation, you were created to dominate the earth--to be in control of your environment-- if you seldom think of being in control of your Own life and circumstances, and do not have WRITTEN plans to do so. it is my belief that you need to challenge your belief system.
So a question what do you think about most of the the time, is it about Ruling, being in charge or is it about how you could cope very well in life?