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I remember 1960 October 1 the applauds rent the air...we are free- independent- HURRAY!!!!
... but did We know? No we had no clue, no idea, it WASN'T OVER YET there was no freedom!
What we were really celebrating was the crowning of a new master, one we COULD CHOOSE .

He pointed ahead looking them in eye "you can go YOU ARE FREE" , but they stood not flinching as if stuck to the ground staring confusedly into their master's eyes... their bonds had been broken but their minds were still bond, slaves had left slavery but the slavery hadn't left them.

In 1851 Britain pierced into Nigeria, in search of new markets? NO, they were here to dominate and commandeer we our resources...WE FOUGHT BACK, we fought for our lands, we fought for our children, we fought for our future but most importantly we fought because we were FREE MEN and WOMEN, but our fighting didn't stop them they Conquered us regardless, and their UNAUTHORISED DOMINATION continued for 109 years(1851-1960), for 109 years we were colonial slaves to BRITAIN, which in time CHANGED THE WAY WE SEE ourselves no more as FREE MEN but you know what had come to treat us like... SLAVES ... well this is not a story of our history, this is about the IDEA that caused my birth.

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So they tied a leash round the neck of the dog and tied the leash to a pole nearby, in the morning the Psychological Scientists brought out food for the dog and put it just a little bit out of its reach, the dog on seeing on the food rushed towards it hungrily only for the leash to pull it back HURTING ITS NECK, well this lasted for 1 week during which the dog got tired going after the meal, on the 8th day the scientists untied the dog and put food at that same spot, SURPRISINGLY the dog DIDN'T BUDGE, it just sat there staring at the food unenthusiastically though it was badly hungry, later after result of the experiment had been compiled the scientist concluded that if they hadn't taken that food closer to the dog the dog would have starved to death.

Why did the dog not run to the food as normal after the leash was loosened, firstly that dog ran towards the meal placed before him because it saw itself as a FREE ANIMAL, but after a week of pain and disappointment that PICTURE CHANGED, he didn't think "freedom" anymore he thought "safety" so as long as he didn't go through pain he was okay, it didn't really matter if he was starving.

If one week of leashing a dog could do that, then imagine what 109 YEAR'S OF SERVITUDE could do to a country, it changed the picture we had of ourselves we began to seek SAFETY over WHAT WE REALLY DESERVE and SELF PRESERVATION over what is ACTUALLY Right(survival instinct), this is evident in the attitude of our politicians, the police men, the lecturers, civil servants this i believe was the GENESIS OF CORRUPTION in Nigeria.

That's why since 1960 till 2019 Nigeria instead of becoming the great country it is should be despite our many resources and advantages, WE ARE STILL STARVING because as a country and as individuals we seek our Personal Safety and Benefit over what we Deserve and Is Right, and just like culture this particular thinking has been passed down from generation to generation.

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Individually we have been conditioned to leave the Responsibility of creating the life we ultimately want in the hands of different MASTERS a company, the government, God... for fear of pain.
Slavery has killed our ability to dream, No we don't set out to create our own lives pursuing our passion cause we don't want the PAIN of failure, incur RISK and RESPONSIBILITY for our own results, which is not an easy venture lest to say SAFE.

What is the sign of a Free man... Responsibility
Freedom is responsibility as long as we don't take responsibilities for our lives
we are not free.

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he" the results we have gotten so far as a country is not a REFLECTION of our TRUE POSSIBILITIES, it is a REFLECTION OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, this is the same for you, that's why you feel unsatisfied, you can do and be more but its not reflecting in your life because you aren't living your possibilities, you are living from your consciousness.

If you ever want to change the results you've been getting all you have to do is CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK
Now how do you do that- change your thinking?
You change your thinking by changing the SOURCE OF YOUR thinking which is the information you constantly feed your mind.
If you are ever going to achieve results that reflect your TRUE POTENTIAL you have to constantly feed your mind the TRUTH ABOUT YOU, change the SAFETY MINDSET, and reinvent that freedom mindset in you. Its time for you to stop playing safe drifting along, go after your passion, No this is the day you go after the meal why? because its yours, because you deserve it, because you are free--to live and create your own path, the leash is gone, The meal is right there are you going to keep starving or go after it, YOU AND YOU ALONE decides that not God, the government, nor the economy.

I know there's a strong desire in your heart to be and do more than you currently are, this is why i was born,for you to THINKDIFFERENTLY, the MEAL IS FOR YOU, YOU DESERVE it-to achieve this you have to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY by changing your beliefs(thoughts) about yourself, which will in turn change your attitude towards life and give you the results you want in your life, stay tuned to this blog for the next one month and i promise you that will be your reality.

For the next one month this blog is going to be focusing on THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU, we'll be giving out stories and principles that reflect your true capacity...please stay tuned cause Until you know and accept the TRUTH ABOUT YOU will only live the life THAT IS AVAILABLE and NOT the LIFE YOU DESERVE.


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