People believe in doing good because of God

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Do good when you're happy.

Humans with this model have larger numbers than other humans. Like someone having a feeling of happiness, it is easy to smile and do good to those around them. This one is very ordinary and does not make a difference so it has special features.


Someone does well with the specific purpose he wants

This kindness is good that requires a reply. Then the person barters with other people.

If his kindness does not get a reward in kind, it will backfire that will create chaos and break a friendship.

Someone who does well only to people he likes and likes.

The kindness of this type is very much tied to the relationship with that person.
Family relationship; Daddy does well to his child
Household relations; The husband does well to his wife or vice versa.
Karabat relationship
The Relationship between nations, tribes, races, and countries
So they do good on the basis of pleasure and love with someone. This is a consideration for someone to do good.


Someone does good selflessly or does not expect a reply.

This type of action is very rare for humans, only a few people have it. This action is done by people in the way of God.

People believe in doing good because they expect a reward from their Lord and do not expect anything from other people. Because of the faithful act on God's command through the Prophet.
Such acts have given a sense of peace in the hearts of believers.

Believers do good

A believer does good does not know whether the enemy, a stranger, or his family. Then the believer keeps doing good for the day of vengeance.

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