Humans do not believe in God often get discouraged

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For people of faith in God:
Believers assume that life in this world is temporary and life after rising from the dead is eternal life whether you put God into hell or into heaven. So the world is considered as a form of testing and trials that must be faced by people in this way to God Almighty Creator of the universe.

What is a trial?
I will give just one example for you.
The rich get a test with the presence of the poor around him and the poor become neighbors in his country. So the rich must set aside a little treasure for the poor and want to give it because of God's command for the rich.
And rich people must never insult the poor.
The rich who believe must help the poor to get the reward from God Almighty.

Believers must be assertive in animals, both ferocious and wild animals, as well as docile animals with humans.
That is, it is firm here to do the right thing and be right and be kind to the animals around it.
For example, a spider caught in your house, then try to take it and throw it away into the spider's habitat. do not vice versa, you take heavy objects and beat them to death sadistically and cruelly.



The world and the hereafter
Passion and Happiness

So on that basis, we will get 4 human models

  1. Some humans get happy in a happy world in the hereafter
  2. Some people get miserable in a happy world in the hereafter
  3. Some people get happy in the miserable world in the hereafter
  4. Some people get miserable fate in the world-miserable in the hereafter.

But spiders don't have the same fate as humans. Because spiders don't have a soul like a human soul.


Someone who does not believe in God is very easy to despair. Why? Because they blame God more than they do with God. They were blinded by the unfortunate fate that befell.

In Islam, the passion experienced by a person makes him more faithful and stronger in worship. Because bad luck befalls him to make him stronger and resistant to the torment of this mortal world.

In the belief of believers, God has full and absolute rights to all beings in this world. So all forms of misery and happiness are given by the grace of God.

God is not said to be unfair and to judge humans by giving bad luck to humans. Because God does this to his own property. It is only said to be judgmental that is to the ownership of others.

Like, we make bicycles, we ruin our own bikes that we make not say there is a bicycle. Because of his own. Unless we damage someone else's bicycle, then it is said to judge other people's rights.


Often we blame others other than ourselves who are responsible when life does not go according to our wishes. In fact, yourself alone is responsible for the complexity that occurs in the life you live.source

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